Dryerbox Recessed Exhaust Receptacle

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Dryerbox: A safer Dryer Exhaust Receptacle

Keep Your Laundry Room Safe from Fires:

Here’s a scary statistic: according to the National Fire Prevention Association, more than 15,000 home fires per year are caused by clothes dryers – and many of these could have been prevented.

Fire prevention is a top concern for homebuyers, and providing information – and a line of products – to help keep families safe is what the good folks at the Dryerbox are all about.

What can you do to keep your laundry room safe? Here are a few ideas:

Look Behind the Dryer

We know, you don’t want to. It’s scary back there. Probably some significant lint buildup on the floor and walls. How does your transition hose look? It’s important to realize there’s more to the system than just pumping warm air and lint outside; vacuum and keep the area behind/next to your dryer as clean and lint-free as possible.

Learn Your Dryer System

The dryer exhaust system can be quite complex. The fact that sometimes lint gets blown back into the heating element is a scary thing, but it can be avoided. Feeling technical?

Here’s a link to the full building code section on the configuration of the dryer exhaust system.

Your Duct Run: the Shorter, the Better!

Every foot of duct restricts airflow, wastes energy, and creates a potential fire hazard, so the shortest route between your dryer and the exterior is always best. Consider going straight up through the roof, or perhaps penetrating an exterior wall. Whatever get you there the fastest = good.

Clean the Dryer Vent!

Clean that lint trap after every single load! Even the smallest bits of lint can build up. Clothes not drying as fast as they used to? This might be a sign that it’s time to have the vent cleaned. Here’s a little more informationon the topic.

Don’t Ignore the Wall Vent!

The vent may not seem important to keeping your laundry room safe, but a bad one can add to the lint build-up and potentially cause issues. Cheap, ugly, plastic wall terminations are a dime a dozen. They tend to crack and fade over time, while metal hoods get crushed with almost no effort. Look for something better: low-profile, heavy-gauge galvanized steel will stand the test of time.

Dryerbox Recessed Exhaust Receptacle

A great way to prevent many of the issues listed above? Install a Dryerbox. Made in the USA, the Dryerbox is a recessed exhaust receptacle installed during new construction to prevent bends or kinks – problems that can lead to a home fire – in the flex duct host. With the Dryerbox, a clothes dryer can be pushed up against the wall without crushing the exhaust hose. The result? A safe, more efficient, roomer laundry room.

But wait, there’s more! This company offers an entire family of products all dedicated to reusing the level of safety in your home. The products are all made in the USA, and offer a strong, durable solution to common household dangers.

Check them out at www.dryerbox.com.




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