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DeWALT DWS535 Circular Saw

DEWALT recently introduced a new worm drive sat, the DeWALT DWS535 Worm Drive Circular Saw.  Its a heavy-duty 7-1/4″ Worm Drive Saw designed for framers. Carpenters from coast to coast have used worm drive saws for framing, stair and roof rafter construction.


“Worm drive” is the name of the gears inside the saw. The motor drives a worm gear that transfers power to the blade. Because of this a worm drive has more torque and will cut when a direct drive saw would stall out. Worm drive saws are unmatched for their line of sight and blade visibility as well as their amble power.

As a carpenter I can attest that my job site needs change and evolve with newly developed materials, updated building techniques and streamlined methods of working.

Let’s have a look at the DEWALT DWS535 Worm Drive Saw:

DeWALT DWS535 Worm Drive Features:

• 13.8 lbs. Lightweight magnesium construction

• Durable cast magnesium footplate

• Extra wide saw hook accepts material up to 2-1/2″ wide

• TOUGHCORD™ Cord Protection System provides 4X better cord jerk protection

• 53° Bevel capacity for advanced applications

• Bevel detents at 22.5° and 45° for fast and accurate setting to common angles

• Dual rip ports to accept available DWS5100 12″ Dual Port Rip Guide

• Top-accessible spindle lock and enables easier and faster blade changing


DeWALT DWS535 Worm Drive Circular Saw Review:

DeWALT recently sent us their all new DWS535 Worm Drive Circular Saw to review.

First Impression:

DeWALT’s development team had these needs in mind when they spent countless hours on job sites speaking to contractor professionals in order to improve the worm drive saw.

The DeWALT DWS535 Worm Drive Circular Saw resulted from these efforts and is based on a design enhancement which was driven by the end-user. This means that the DWS535 was built to address old problems and to better endure the harsh environment of a job site.This understanding of primary end users has allowed DeWALT to design and apply some world-class engineering by correcting design problems on a tool that carpenters have relied on for years.


There were several things I noticed about this saw:

1. Weight and balance:

Feel, weight, and how it is distributed in relation to the handle, has everything to do with how these saws feel in your hand and how your hand feels at the end of the day! The DWS535 has a nice ergonomic grip and comfortable grip to trigger distance. The saw is well balanced and is comfortable to use.

2. Rafter hook:

This sturdy, convenient rafter hook is designed to slip over regular and modern engineered framing material up to 2 ½” wide. The hook also folds against the body for convenient out of the way storage.

3. Cord connection:

DeWALT designed the DWS535r cord with a TOUGHCORD™ Cord Protection System that provides 4 times better cord jerk protection. Let’s face it every carpenter I know raises and lowers their saw by the cord when on staging or a ladder.Instead of covering just heir butt in the manual and stating “AVOID pulling on cord” DeWalt recognized that this is a weak link in tools and beefed up this connection to make a better, tougher saw.

4. Bevel / Depth Of Cut Adjustment:

The DWS535 has a bevel capacity of 53 degrees. This feature makes cutting bevels for

Hip and valley seat rafter seat cuts much easier.The bevel and depth of cut adjustment levers are over sized and work well, which makes adjustments easier, especially when wearing gloves

Both the bevel and depth of cut adjustment bars have been beefed up help prevent job site damage. These two locations are notorious for bending when dropped on the job site.

5. Spindle lock:

The spindle lock is conveniently located on top of the saw. Other worm drive models have the spindle lock in front of the saw and in the gear box which inevitably leaks and makes a mess of the saw.

Testing the DeWALT DWS535 Worm Drive Circular Saw:

I used this saw in the shop and out at the job site. The DWS535 has plenty of torque and power for cutting through materials including engineered lumber products. This saw cuts great and has tons of power.The DWS535 performed well when bevel cutting. On many saws I’ve used the blade guard gets hung up on the materials your cutting instead of rolling up and over the materials. The DWS535 blade guard did not hang up at all.

Overall Impression:

We’ve been using the saw for several weeks and I have not found anything negative about this saw. This saw was built to last and I recommend it to professionals and any homeowner who is looking for a well designed and quality worm drive saw.

Where to buy the DeWALT DWS535 Worm Drive Circular Saw:

The DWS535 can be purchased at many local tool supply stores or online for approximately $160.00

DEWALT recently introduced a new worm drive sat, the DWS535, Heavy-Duty 7-1/4″ Worm Drive Saw. Carpenters from coast to coast have used worm drive saws for framing, stair and roof rafter construction.



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