Build Lasting Memories with Mom

By Rob Foster on Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Flowers, jewelry and a meal at a restaurant are the most common Mother’s Day Gifts. Instead of the same old, same old give her something to make a lasting impression.

Oftentimes it is best to keep things simple. Building a planter box or a custom picture frame with Mom is a great way to spend time together and make a gift that will be cherished for years to come. When it comes to tools sometimes it is best to keep it simple as well.


A well-made miter box that employs a hand saw might not have all of the power of a compound miter saw but, they are lightweight, portable and more cost-effective. The Stanley Adjustable Angle Clamping Mitre Box can make almost all of the same cuts as its electric counterpart but, it only weighs eight pounds versus 35 pounds for a typical power saw.

Build Lasting Memories with Mom

VODKA AND OJ [AKA the Screw Driver]

Contractors make their living with power tools and the most commonly used is the drill driver. With a multitude of options, battery platforms and functions available it can be a daunting task to find the best fit.  The alternative has been around since the 1500’s and after the advent of the Phillips head screw; the screwdriver has been the go-to tool for fastening.

Wera Tools Kraftform Kompakt Screwdriver Kit comes with a number of advancements that will make short work of a number of tasks. The shape may seem strange but it is ergonomic and with a push of a button at top of handle reveals 6 screwdriver bits stored inside. A bayonet blade can be extended out of the handle and the compact tool becomes a full sized screwdriver. Bayonet blade can be taken out of handle for use in a power drill chuck. It also comes with a Kevlar storage pouch that can clip onto a belt.



Nails are meant to be pounded in and many times, they need to be removed. A claw hammer accomplishes both. There are two basics types; framing and finishing. Almost all common building projects can be done with a finishing hammer and offers the advantage of being smaller and lighter which means less exertion.

The best hammers have a single piece of forged steel that comprises both the head and the handle. Some will say that hickory handles offer more comfort but, having two components can lead to failure at the point where they are joined.

Estwing has been making quality hammers since the early 1930s and when they added their molded vinyl to the handle, they figured out how to increase the grip, durability and reduce the vibrations caused by impact. At 12 ounces and total length of 11 inches, this compact and lightweight tool offers a great balance between impact force and the amount of effort to get desired results.



While some tools only perform a couple of specialized functions one indispensable tool that can do countless tasks is the aptly named utility knife. For all that it can do, make no mistake, it is one of the most dangerous tools when not used properly.

Numerous studies have shown one thing: Knives cause more disabling injuries than any other type of hand tool.  A number of factors lead to these alarming statistics including cutting towards the body instead of away, using a dull blade because more force has to be exerted leading to increased chances of slippage and storing the knife when the blade is not completely retracted safely within the body.

OX Tools has added a few features to help reduce the chance of injury such as a large rubberized area that helps increase grip and comfort and the ability for quick blade changing with just a push of a bottom and flip out blade storage in the back of the handle.



Personal Protection Equipment or PPE has traditionally been catered to men due to the high percentage of male construction workers but many company’s “one-size-fits-all” approach does little to improve the comfort or safety of most females.

There have been a number of companies who decided that PPE should be designed with women in mind and gloves and safety glasses are two areas that make the most sense.

Women’s hands are generally longer and more slender than the squat and stubby hands of men and when women have to use a glove designed for a man there is usually a lot of loose material that can get in the way.

Womanswork is a woman-owned business who has been designing products made for women for more than 30 years. The fingertips and palm are reinforced with a strong flexible synthetic material for extra durability and grip and the palm is lightly padded for comfort.

A ventilation panel on the back of the hand increases air circulation to keep cooler while working and are machine washable.


Of the five senses, vision is one most people take for granted. Something as small as a speck of dust can do irreparable damage to the eyes, that is why safety glasses are so important.

Safety Girl offers safety glasses in sizes designed small enough for women. With polycarbonate lenses that block out UVA and UVB rays while also being anti-fog they come in pink frames with four choices for lens colors and they also offer a bifocal option as well.



Knowing how long Mom held onto the macaroni art, it is a safe bet that any project built with her will last a lifetime.

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