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BOSCH L-BOXX Stackable Tool Storage

stackable tool storageBosch L-Boxx Increases Tool Organization

Say “Good Bye” to disorganization and “Hello” to the BOSCH way of organizing tools!

Bosch recently came out with an innovative stack-able tool storage system called the L-Boxx.   Designed to improve tool organization and transportation on the job-site I asked Bosch to send me one to evaluate and review.

The idea behind stack-able, locking tool boxes is not new but it has never been perfected, until now.  Bosch offers four different stacking tool cases, which allow you to simply click together, stack, and go.  Having a secure and reliable way to store, protect and transport tools is important, especially when you look at the price tag of some of  your tools.

Bosch shipped out two L-BOXX 1 for me to review.  The L-BOXX 1  is the perfect size for storing small nailers, 12-volt cordless drill/drivers,  and corded jigsaws, with room for necessary accessories.  Here’s my thoughts:

First Impression:

The L-BOXX 1 also  comes with two foam inserts which can be easily modified to conform to your tools.

Because the L-BOXX all look the same you will need to label them. They  have plenty of flat space to label.  I will probably just take a permanent marker and label the box that way.

Top, front, and side handles give you three carrying options;  The top has a large folding handle that stores into a recess in the tools lid, this allows you to carry the L-BOXX like a tool box.  The second way is another smaller folding handle which allows you to carry the box like a suitcase and the third method is recessed handles that allow you to carry the box two-handed.

The L-BOXX comes in the BOSCH blue and seems very durable yet lightweight at 4.5 pounds.  The case measures 17-1/2 by 14 by 4-1/2 inches.

There is even a padlock option on both sides of the lid.

Using The BOSCH L-BOXX Stackable Tool Storage:

The L-BOXX easily clipped into the second L-BOXX I had.  I was surprised at how fast and easy it mated.

After playing around with the L-BOXX in the shop but before bringing them to the job site I took them outside to the garden hose.  Spraying water from above to simulate rain I wanted to see if water entered the box.  To my surprise it did not.   I cant tell you how many times I’ve been caught in a fast moving rain storm only to have to spend time later drying, and oiling wet tools.  Having a water resistant box is a plus.

The locking clips are made of durable plastic and I found them easy to open and close.  I just don’t see them being durable enough to last as long as the box.   BOSCH may want to re-look at these clips.

The L-BOXX indexes and locks into other L-BOXX’s.  There are two bright red, heavy duty “buttons” on each side that lock into the other box when pushed down one.  to release the boxes you push in both buttons – super easy to do.

Overall Impression:

Today it seems that a lot of tool manufacturers sell their tools in flimsy tool boxes or worse yet a zippered “tool bag.”  Tool bags do not protect your tools from falls or the elements.

The L-BOXX is a reasonable priced tool box that stacks together and locks into place.  I store all of my tools in a trailer and I keep saying I need a bigger trailer for all my tools.  With the L-BOXX system I could greatly reduce the space that my existing tool boxes take up.

I really liked the perforated foam that BOSCH give you with the L-BOXX.  The foam allows you to easily cut and remove to create any tool profile.  having a perfect fit will cradle the tool and prevent it from shifting of hitting the sides.

I liked the BOSCH L-BOXX system.  I did not get a chance to review the deeper boxes but I’m sure there of similar quality.  Well worth it to protect your tools and increase your tool storage options.

Take a peek at the last photo.  The shelf overflowing shelf with all the different sized tool boxes and the two L-BOXXs’ in the back ground.  Think about how much space I can save.

How Much And Where To Buy:

The Bosch L-BOXX 1 sells for $49.99 online here: Bosch-LBOXX-1-Carrying-Case

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