Big Ass Garage Light SHL 135

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Big Ass Light SHL 135The BIG ASS LED Light Review

No one does great work in the dark, unless your a Navy Seal!   If your garage ore workshop is not well lit you need to correct that in order to achieve great results.
We recently reviewed the Big Ass Garage Light SHL 135 and were impressed with its durability, light output and  occupancy sensor that turns the light on automatically.

Big Ass Light SHL 135

Durable Design

The Big Ass Garage Light SHL 135 is pre-wired for 120 volts, it has a 6-foot power cord and plug and measures 9.18″ in x 23.1″.

The lights frame is built out of a single piece of anodized aluminum,  allowing it to be both lightweight and durable.   If you go on their website there is a video of the Big Ass engineers driving a pickup truck up onto the light with no damage – very impressive!

The top portion of the light has a ribbed fin design, which acts as a heat sink to dissipate heat and extend  LED bulb life.

There are two plastic lumen maintenance trays, that are tool free, easy to change and provide two very important functions:

  • The lumen trays protect LEDs from dirt, debris and dead bugs and are easily removed for cleaning.
  • They offer swappable lenses offer light distribution from 55 to 115 degrees to provide the best light for narrow storage aisles, massive open floors or any layout in between.

The big Ass Garage light can also be inverted for indirect lighting, but it would not be compatible with the occupancy sensors.

Big Ass Garage Light SHL 135

Light Output:

“Crazy bright!” – was my first impression.   This is one seriously bright light, and is rated at 13,000 lumens.    Lumen is a measure of the total “amount” of visible light emitted buy a light source or bulb.  When turned on, this light emits immediate, flicker-free, bright light. [Light output of 110 lumens/watt]

13,000 lumen is the equivalent or using twelve 75-watt incandescent light bulbs and the color temperature output is 5000k.

These LEDs are rated for at least 150,000 operating hours and comes with a seven-year complete fixture warranty.

Being in the Northeast I especially like that these LEDs turn on instantly, did not need to warm up, unlike fluorescent lights and were unaffected by cold weather.

Big Ass Garage Light SHL 135

Occupancy Sensor

The optional occupancy sensor offers 360-degrees of monitoring to automatically turn on the light when someone enters through the space and turn it off after they leave.   The ambient lighting [turn on] and a time off adjustment switch allow you to custom design under what light conditions the light turns on and how long it stays on after you leave the area.

This feature allows you to enter your shop like many of us do, with your hands full, adding a layer of safety and efficiency to your work space.

We mounted our light in our storage facility and decided to try a 45-degree mount – off a tall side wall.  The only issue we experienced was that this type of a vertical wall mounting position seriously limits the occupancy sensing range.


Big Ass Light SHL 135

Consider Your Lighting Application

LEDs are well known for energy efficiency and long life. While these are important considerations, lighting selections is often based on many other factors as well.  When purchasing a light you need to consider what applications you will be using your LED light for, such as:

  • Purchase price
  • Operating costs (energy and maintenance)
  • Directional light emission – directing light where it is needed
  • Size and weight
  • Durability– no breakable glass or filaments
  • Cold temperature operation
  • Instant on – require no “warm up” time / flicker
  • Easily controlled

Room For Improvement

The Big Ass Garage Light offers many of the points listed above, but could be better on directional light emission in lower ceiling applications, it puts out a lot of concentrate bright light.   We found that for short ceilings, it’s almost too much concentrated light.   When we played with the heights, we found 10-14 feet, off floor, was a optimal.

The Big Ass Light should come with different diffusers.

Overall Impression

Super easy to install, these are robust, durable lights and are well made.   When you look close at the heavy aluminum extrusions, sealed circuit board and LED longevity and safety , you get what you pay for at $399.00 or $439.00 with an occupancy sensor.



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