DEWALT RIght Angle Drill DW120K Review

DW120K review

DeWalt Heavy-Duty 1/2" Reversible Right Angle Drill Kit By: Phil Benevides Right out of the box you know this drill is the real deal, besides the primary handle and the 5-position side handle, the tool is composed of heavy duty die-cast metal, which houses the gears of the motor. The DEWALT Right Angle Drill DW120K weighs in a just under 10 pounds, but features five threaded positions for an oversized side handle. The machined … [Read more...]

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Bathroom Remodeling Strategies – My Top 3

Sealing Tile and Grout

3 Bathroom Remodeling Strategies When you look at your bathroom to spruce it up or remodel it you need to ask yourself whether you have the time, energy and budget to take a project like this on.   At the end of the day there are three bathroom remodeling strategies to consider and all three are different and range in cost. The Top 3 Bathroom Remodeling Strategies: Makeover Layout Change Expansion Bathroom Makeover: A makeover … [Read more...]

Nail Protection Plate

A Nail Protection Plate helps prevent nails from piercing pipes and electrical lines after the plaster walls are installed and the finish trim is being applied.

Protect Plumbing Pipes With a Nail Stopping  Nail Protection Plate A nail protection plate helps prevent nails from piercing pipes and electrical lines after the plaster walls are installed and the finish trim is being applied.   Nail Protection Plates are typically installed over utilities that pass through framing members. Nail protection plates come in all shapes and sizes but the most common are 1/2 in.  in width, 3 in. in length and … [Read more...]

Leviton SmartlockPro AFCI Receptacle

Leviton SmartlockPro Outlet Branch Circuit AFCI Receptacle

Leviton SmartlockPro AFCI Receptacle The folks at Leviton recently  introduced Leviton SmartlockPro Outlet Branch Circuit AFCI Receptacle offering protection from arc- faults that may lead to electrical fires resulting from damage in both branch circuit wiring as well as extensions to branches such as appliances and cord sets. What Is An Arc Fault Interrupter? An Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) is a circuit breaker designed to detect … [Read more...]

Leviton Occupancy Sensor and Dimmer


LED and CFL Occupancy Sensor and Dimmer The folks at Leviton have a new passive infrared [PIR] occupancy Sensor and dimmer designed to control current LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen loads. The Leviton occupancy sensor and dimmer device responds to the presence and absence of people in the sensor's field of view.  Once the switch senses a person approaching it turns on the lights, and a built in, programmable time delay turns off the … [Read more...]

Leviton R.E.B Recessed Entertainment Box

Leviton R.E.B Recessed Entertainment Box

 Leviton solves Audio visual Install Problems With R.E.B Recessed Entertainment Box It seems that most of our remodels involve some sort of audio visual aspect from wall mounted TV to surround sound speakers in the walls and ceiling.  Recently I got a peek at an innovative product from Leviton called the Leviton R.E.B Recessed Entertainment Box. R.E.B. A Real Problem Solver: The Leviton R.E.B Recessed Entertainment Box allows for … [Read more...]

Leviton Expands GFCI Outlet Line with New Self-Testing Device

leviton gfci smartlockpro slim outlet

Leviton SmartlockPro Slim GFCI Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter receptacles: The folks at Leviton recently released the SmartlockPro Self-Test GFCI.  This GFCI automatically tests itself every 15 minutes to confirm that protected power is available, providing you and your family peace of mine. The new device features a 25%  slimmer profile than traditional GFCI designs. The slim design solves the common issue of limited room in the electrical … [Read more...]

Choosing A Gas Or Electric Stove

Gas or electric stove

And Now For The Hard Question…Gas or Electric? Normally when choosing a stove, the answer to whether you want to use natural gas or electricity as a fuel source would depend entirely on how you prefer to cook. But unless you know the facts, how can you know what is best for you? Let’s start with the idea of using a natural gas stove. Gas burners provide instant heat. Chefs around the world use gas burners for the perk of controlling the … [Read more...]