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ZipWall Plastic Door Zipper


ZipWall barrier system has a more durable heavy duty zipper (HDAZ2) that provides easy access in and out of the ZipWall dust barrier.

The improved 7 foot long zipper is constructed from a single, wider piece of fabric which eliminates the stitching required to join the adhesive strips to the zipper.

ZipWall Plastic Door Zipper

The ZipWall Heavy Duty Zipper Kit allows for an easy way to create a doorway anywhere in plastic sheeting, especially if you plan on leaving the plastic up for awhile and anticipate foot traffic in and out of the area, or if the temperature at your work site will go below freezing.

Use one zipper for a simple doorway or place two zippers side by side to create a wide roll-up doorway in order to get tools and materials in and out of the work site.

The zipper features a very aggressive adhesive that keeps it in place even at high traffic job-sites. The adhesive is also rated for use down to 32 degrees. Additionally,the zipper offers very smooth glide action. The included ZipWall Zipper Knife is used to cut an opening in the plastic sheeting and removes a ¾” strip of plastic so the teeth can not bind as you open and close the doorway.

This heavy duty zipper is packaged two to a box and sells for approximately $18.95, including a zipper knife.

The ZipWall-HDAZ2-Heavy-Zipper-2-Pack  is listed on the website at For further information, contact the manufacturer at 1-800-718-2255 or visit the company’s website.


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