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Window Flashing Tape

Flashing A Window Rough Opening

Leaks happen!!  The best method to ensure that water leaks do not get in and under windows is to use window flashing tape.   When combined with a sloped sill, a self-adhered, rubberized window flashing tape can create a continuious water barrier.  

One of the better flashing materials is  DuPonts FelxWrap.   As a carpenter I like this flashing because it efficiently conforms around custom shapes, bridging the interface between the rough opening and the building envelope.

How It Works:

The DuPont FlexWrap window flashing tape is an expendable flashing material made with 100% a butyl-based adhesive layer. It allows you to flash a window or door opening with one seamless piece of material.  no seams – no leaks.  The product is also very effective for flashing round top windows or custom shape areas. 

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