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How To Quickly Cap Water Pipes While Remodeling

I’m a remodeling contractor in Northeast Massachusetts and recently began using SharkBite Plumbing Connectors on my remodels during the demo phase.  They prevent work stoppages and save me time and money here’s how…

What are SharkBite Plumbing Connectors?

SharkBite Plumbing Connectors are brass fittings that use a push-fit technology that seals join copper, CPVC or PEX pipe.  No soldering needed.

It is designed to works in two stages. When the tube is inserted into the fitting, in the first stage, it passes through a release collar and then through a stainless steel grab ring. The grab ring has teeth that grip onto the tube. At the second stage the tube is pushed through an O-ring protector which aligns the tube. The specially formulated O-ring is then compressed between the wall of the fitting and the tube before the end of the tube reaches the tube stop. Only when the tube has passed through the O-ring and reached the tube stop, is a secure joint created.

SharkBite Plumbing Connectors are rated to be permanently installed with new plumbing, old work, under floors and behind walls.

How SharkBite Plumbing Connectors Saves Me Time and Money:

Today’s remodeling economy is finding more and more people spending their money either on improving what they have or making “aging in place” improvements to their homes, as opposed to building new.  So as a result I have found  myself remodeling a lot of bath

reinforce floor joistrooms this year.

Before I started using the SharkBite Plumbing Connectors I would have a plumber perform a plumbing system disconnect on any bathroom that I was planning on gutting and remodeling.   Typically this involves the plumber draining the water lines and removing the toilet, tub and cutting [stubbing] and capping all of the water lines as well as plugging the drain lines.

No only did this “plumbing disconnect” add costs but it wasn’t always effective.  For example on many a situation, long after the plumber is gone, and we rip up the floor we often find “charged” water lines in or through the floor joists.  While this isn’t necessarily a problem, it sometimes is.

In many older homes in the Northeast  many, many times we have to add structural support to the existing floor system.  The floor joist photo, above right is a perfect example.  Here a plumber installed a copper drain pipe and water line diagonally across a bathroom floor joist system.   If you reference the International Residential code [IRC] you know that you are not supposed to notch floor joist in the middle third of the joist span.

In order to bring strength back to these joists and regain a strong floor system we needed to sister new joists onto the existing joists but these copper pipes were in the way.   It’s unrealistic and a scheduling nightmare to stop work and call the plumber back again so this is a perfect situation to shut down the water, drain the pipes, cut, clean and push on a SharkBite connector.

Now with the SharkBite Plumbing Connectors I have a super fast, easy, solder-less way to cap pipes when I need to and I do not need to pay a plumber to perform a bathroom disconnect.  It’s really that easy.

I use these connectors all the time now and keep the most common copper pipe sizes in my tool box.  Remember, time saved is money earned!

What are the Advantages of SharkBite Connectors?

SharkBite Plumbing Connectors do not require soldering, clamps, unions or glue.  Just cut the pipe clean, deburr the end and push on the connector until the O-ring compresses to create a perfect seal.  These connectors can also be removed by using a simple disconnect tool. 

Think about mistakes…  fittings and valves can be easily changed and reused, faster than traditional methods.

SharkBite Plumbing Connector Features:

  • Instant push-fit connection for increased ease-of-use with all Sharkbite Fittings.
  • No soldering, clamps, unions, or glue required.
  • Fittings certified to 200 PSI and 200°F (93°C).
  • Sharkbite fittings Fit Copper tubing, and CTS CPVC and PEX and connects all three types in any combination.
  • Integral tube liner for PEX installations, so no loose components, ensures secure, reliable connection.

SharkBite Plumbing Connectors Installation:

  • Ensure water is off
  • Ensure pipe is cut square and rough edges and debris are removed.
  • SharkBite makes a special deburring tool that makes this easy but any deburring method works fine
  • Push pipe and fitting together to a 1″ depth until the O-ring seals .

The SharkBite® fittings have an integral Tube Support Insert that is effective in supporting PEX tubing to ensure the O-ring seals correctly on the outside of the PEX tubing. The Tube Support Insert is not required when using CPVC and copper tubing; however it is not necessary to remove the insert when using these materials.


Sharkbite Connections Video Tip on Performing a Plumbing Disconnect

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