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American Standard “ActiClean” Self-Cleaning Toilet

The American Standard ActiClean toilet is a self cleaning toilet with a safe but effective cleaning solution that cleans and removes stains with a simple press of a button.

Part of the VorMax Collection, the ActiClean toilet, features two cleaning cycles; Deep Clean and Quick Clean, and comes with a 9 week supply of cleaning solution

How does the ActiClean System work?

A clean cycle is selected by pressing the corresponding button.

Then the cleaner powerfully enters the bowl, scrubbing the walls of the toilet bowl. This cleaning solution saturates in the bowl for preset amount of time, depending on the cycle selected.

Last, the system will automatically switch to the rinse cycle, siphoning the cleaning agent and rinsing the bowl. The result is a sparkling clean bowl.

The SECRET SAUCE of the ActiClean Toilet

The cleaning capabilities of the ActiClean toilet is achieved through the following three features:

  1. VorMax Jetted Scrub feature
  2. ActiClean cleaning solution cartridge
  3. Smooth CleanCurve Rim

VorMax Jetted Scrub

The VorMax flush flips the ratio of water and uses 70% of the 1.28 gallons of water to rinse the bowl clean and the smaller amount (30%) to start the siphon and remove the waste.

The bigger percentage of water released to the rim to rinse the bowl will offer much greater scrubbing power and a much cleaner bowl. Both toilets are consume 1.28 gallons of water, but the amount and how water is delivered to the bowl is unique with VorMax.

ActiClean Cleaning Solution

The ActiClean cleaning solution cartridge is a non-abrasive liquid that was formulated to reduce potential for hard-water stains with regular use. It has a blue color, and pleasant scent.

The solution lasts up to 9 weeks if 1 Quick Clean and 1 Deep Clean cycle is activated each week and is listed as safe for septic systems. A refill cost is just under $10.00.

Smooth CleanCurve Rim

The CleanCurve Rim achieves better cleaning, especially under the rim. This feature allows water to reach the top of the bowl.

ActiClean Toilet Features

  • 16-1/2″ rim height for ADA accessible applications
  • The Quick Clean Cycle is a one-minute cycle and is best used for regular upkeep, in-between deep cleanings
  • The Deep Clean Cycle completely and thoroughly cleans the inside of the toilet bowl in 10 minutes
  • Triple Power Cleaning Action cleans and removes stains even under the rim, Featuring: 1 – VorMax Jetted Scrub, 2 – ActiClean® Toilet Cleaning Solution, 3 – Smooth CleanCurve Rim
  • CleanCurve™ Rim eliminates the rim area where dirt and buildup hide
  • The whole toilet surface is finished with an EverClean® glaze which is super smooth and easier to keep clean, even after years of use
  • Battery Operated Cleaning System is powered by 4AA batteries (included) that give you up to 1 year of battery life
  • Robust plastic seat features no slip bumpers and a release button that allows you to remove the seat for quick and easy cleaning
  • Beautiful Chrome-plated Handle (alternative finishes available)
  • Easy Installation. Everything needed for toilet installation is included, including a self-closing toilet seat.
  • Lifetime warranty on chinaware, 10 years on mechanical parts, 1 year on electronics, and 1 year on seat.
  • 1,000g MaP Score at 1.28gpf – Great flush performance moves 2.2 lbs of waste in one flush – the highest score possible!
  • High efficiency toilet 1.28 gallons per flush (4.8 Lpf/1.28 gpf). Meets EPA WaterSense® criteria
  • 2-1/16″ fully glazed trap-way

American Standard ActiClean Toilet

How Much is the ActiClean Toilet and Where Can I Buy It?

The ActiClean® Toilet Cleaning Cartridge sells for approximately $600 and is available at Lowe’s store, or

We recently installed an American Standard ActiClean Toilet – check it out here: Replacing a Toilet

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