Senco Roofpro 445XP Roofing Nailer Review

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Senco Roofpro 445XP Roofing Nailer

Senco has been around for a long time making nailers, screw guns and fasteners for professionals. They’re known for making solid tools that perform well for years. With the rough winter we’ve had here in New England there are going to be a lot of roofing repairs to do. Often times for some smaller roofing jobs it makes sense to handle it yourself and having a roofing nailer handy can make those jobs go a lot more quickly and smoothly so it’s a perfect time to test the new Senco Roofpro 445XP Roofing nailer.


The Senco 445XP is a no frills workhorse of a roofing nailer. According to Senco the bi-metal driver blade reduces wear and improves durability, and the innovative firing valve reduces air consumption without loss to power or speed. The nail canister adjusts to accept ¾”-1-¾” nails.

The Roofpro 445XP also features a metal wear plate in the nail canister to improve nail feed and improve canister wear.The shingle guide is adjustable and removable for versatility and tool-less depth of drive makes fine tuning drive depth easy. The supplied trigger doesn’t have a single fire option so it’s best used as a contact trigger, or “bump fire” nailer, which is just fine for medium to large jobs.

The tool comes standard with the contact/bump fire trigger as this is the preferred style for the professional. There is an optional sequential (single) fire trigger highlighted in the parts chart that can be ordered and installed.  This gives the user the option to choose what actuation type is used.

The tool we received was supplied with wrenches, tool oil, and a ¼” swivel connector. According to the Senco website this tool comes with a case, ours did not include one so we can’t comment on it.

In Use


The handling on this nailer is excellent, at 5.2 lbs the Roofpro 445XP is lighter than much of the competition, the trigger has very light action, and the nails load easily. A quick flip of two leavers and the nail canister opens to allow a roll of 100 nails to be dropped in. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this nailer on a full size roofing project. However I found that the trigger’s action is so light that it is very easy to re-coil and double fire nails when attempting to accurately place a single nail by depressing the nose of the gun and pulling the trigger. In the course of a smaller repair with crucial nail placement nails double fired about three times. Given the propensity for double fired nails and the lack of a selectable trigger I would recommend the nailer as supplied primarily for larger jobs and professional roofers. But with the optional sequential trigger this would be a great nailer for repairs, smaller jobs or any situation where nail placement is key and double fired nails are unacceptable. So if you mostly do smaller jobs and repairs but want to have the speed and efficiency of a nailer pick up the optional sequential trigger.



Senco designed the Roofpro 445XP for improved durability, combined with its ease of use, light trigger action, and light weight make this a nailer that’s easy on the user and with a 5 year limited warranty it should provide a good long service life.

If you’re a pro roofer who’s looking for a lightening fast roofing nailer then I’d definitely take a look at the Senco 445XP.

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