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Repairing A Rotted Door Jamb

Door Repair

The door above is approximately 16 years old. The roof above does not have gutters so water drips down onto this door and oak threshold and has caused it to prematurely rot.

This is a perfect spot for a rain divert-er or a gutter.

The best we can do is replace the jamb section and re-coat the threshold. Repairing a rotted door jamb can add more life to this door which is currently on borrowed time.

Most of the damage is to the extended jamb which we cut out with sharp chisels to place a “Dutchman” patch.

Photo above shows partial jamb and rotted section cut out.

Dutchman patch installed. The expanding foam is from the gorilla glue we used. When the glue cures it expands and foams. We cut the foam away with a sharp chisel, sanded the patch and filled any remaining holes. Ready for paint.

~ concord carpenter
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