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ProBuilt XLE-5000 LED Work Light

ProBuilt LED XLE-5000 Work LightLED Job-site Lighting

As a remodeling contractor, when setting up a job site, the right lighting is essential to ensuring that we can safely see what we are working on, as well as safely traverse the job-site.  After all we have a job to do and often find ourselves in locations where there is not enough natural lighting.

ProBuilt XLE5000 Work Light Review:

We recently took a look at the ProBuilt XLE5000 LED work-light to the job-site to see if it would hold up to our crews standards.

The ProBuilt XLE5000 is a 50 watt, 5000 lumen LED light.   This LED light has a color temperature of 5000k, pure white light.  It certainly lite up our work area well.


Job sites are dirty, the ProBuilt XLE5000 is IP65 rated which means it is protected against dust particles, and has a good level of protection against water.  Additionally it has a operating range from -30 to 120 degrees which is helpful in the Northeast winters.

The casing is a durable alloy aluminum and the lens is tempered glass.   The power switch is sealed and weatherproof and the light is attached to a sturdy stand that extends 3-1/2 inches front and back, protecting it from accidental tip overs.


We found the ProBuilt XLE5000 well-built, durable and lightweight.  Weighing in at 8 pounds it is the same size as a 500 watt Halogen lamp, but does not get as hot.  A 6-foot cord feeds this unit which has a light throw range of 20-25 feet.

The ProBuilt XLE5000 i designed to sit on a surface like a counter or floor or hung up.   The light swivels on two pivot bolts, allowing you to swivel and aim the light where needed.

Safer than Halogen:

Safety is one of the best features of this new LED work light.   The ProBuilt XLE5000 light does not put off the heat that a Halogen bulb does, therefore eliminating those accidental touch burns and scarey fire risks.  All of which equate to a safer work site.

Did you know that Halogen bulbs release most of the energy they use as heat, rather than light. For every 100 watts you put in, you get about 3.5 watts of light and 96.5 watts of heat.   That’s hot and dangerous!   Our crew unanimous decided that LED technology has progressed so much, it has become the “go-to”  for a work site light – safety wise!

Overall Impression:

Contractors can be called to work in almost any environment, many times without natural daylight.  Having the proper construction lighting is a necessity to ensure the safety of workers and to stay on schedule.   LED lighting provides an even safer environment.  We were thoroughly impressed with ProBuilts XLE5000 LED work light.

Out of the six contractors that saw the ProBuild XLE500 work light at the job site all of them said,  ” I gotta get me a few of these!”  The ProBuilt XLE500 LED light can be purchased at Grainer, Toolbarn, ACME Tool and Amazon online.

Keep your job site well lit and stay safe ~ the ACC Crew!


The ProBuilt XLE-5000 LED Work Lightsells online for $177.00 here: ProBuilt-111500-Energy-Efficient-Light

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