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Porch Copper Drainage System

In Floor Porch Copper Drainage SystemPorch Copper Drainage System

This beautiful homes covered porch had a tongue and groove fir floor that was pitched to the outside and drained any water into a fir wood gutter.

The gutter surround the perimeter edge of the porch and drained through lead tubes to the ground below. These pipes are hidden and located just above the stone arches.


Unfortunately, the gutter rotted away after 100 years of great service. The goal was to replace the porch floor and drain system with high quality materials, design the drain system to work better and to make it look like it has always been there.


We had to strip back the flooring to expose the wood gutter. A decision was made to replace the wood gutter with copper one. Minor sub floor and structural repairs were made. An  eighteen gauge copper was installed in the hole and was bent to lay flat under the new flooring as well as fit neatly into grooves between the bricks.

End Result

The porch copper drainage system was installed in 8′ lengths, overlapped, riveted and soldered. Drain outlets were installed to allow wind swept and angled rain to drain under the archways below the porch.

Tongue and Groove Mahogany was installed over the sub floor and overlapped the copper gutters.

A gorgeous application of enamel paint was applied.

Now on to the side porch of this house where we will install a copper gutter above a door.

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