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I’m sitting in my hotel room in Orlando and chomping at the bit to tell you what Paslode has done.    As many of you already know I’m a huge fan of paslode’s forward thinking and innovation with cordless and pneumatic nailers.  This year they are celebrating twenty-five years of nailer and fastener innovation.

Back in 1986, Paslode created a cordless nailer and by doing so they created an entirely new category, and forever changed the way contractors, builders and re-modelers work.  Not to disappoint this week at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Paslode unveiled their brand new  TetraGrip™ Fastening System.

What is Tetra Grip????

It’s sure to be a game changer in home building and remodeling.   Mostly it’s money in the bank!   Still not sure what I mean?

How about… no squeaky floor call backs, no more screwing sub-floors floors, no more construction adhesive under sub-floors.  It’s peace of mind, a super quality install job and labor saved!  I say it over and aover again… time saved is money earned!  Oh and did I mention, a happy customer?

 Paslode® TetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastening SystemTetra subfloor nailer

The Paslode TetraGrip Subfloor Fastening System is a technological breakthrough in subfloor fastening for the residential builder.  It requires a dedicated pneumatic coil nailer, basically a modified  PowerFramer, and TetraGrip™ fasteners.

The  Paslode TetraGrip fastener is an 8 penny nail with barb-threaded design that is driven with a spiral movement like a screw.   It literally hiolds like a screw. I know because I tried to pull a few out of wood and it was not easy.  The beauty of this nail is that you do not need construction adhesive and it eliminates squeaks.    Paslode has tested this in over 200 homes with no callbacks.  Pretty impressive!

“Paslode’s goal has always been to create fastening systems that solve construction problems while increasing efficiencies and productivity for the home builder and the trades,” said Christelle Imhof, Market Manager for Paslode. “Builders who have field tested the TetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastening System are convinced of its effectiveness and superior performance. We believe it will change forever the way builders fasten floor sheathing in residential construction.”

The Paslode TetraGrip Secret:

The key to TetraGrip™ technology is the proprietary nail shank design. It drives as fast as a nail, but rotates as it drives to bond with the wood fibers. The features that make TetraGrip™ a revolutionary squeak-eliminating fastener include:

Rotation without destruction – the optimized barbed helix creates high rotational forces and minimal friction. Strong non-destructive wood interaction – efficient rotation eliminates wood destruction when driven. Superior withdrawal resistance – the barbed helix-to-wood engagement creates a high load capacity. In fact, the TetraGrip™ fastener is 2-3/8” x .113 or equivalent to a 6d nail, which typically requires 54 nails per panel, according to code.

The ESR for the Paslode TetraGrip Sub-floor Fastener recognizes superior withdrawal values, equivalent to a floor screw, which reduces the number of fasteners needed per panel to 38. Unique barbed thread – the fastener shank was specifically designed so that there is no smooth surface to rub on the sub-floor panel, thus no squeaks.

What Does Paslode TetraGrip Promise:

By using the TetraGrip™ Sub-floor Fastening System, builders reduce the steps it takes to secure the sub-floor and dramatically reduce the potential for squeaks. “Many builders who havTetra subfloor naile field-tested or adopted the TetraGrip™ System have been able to eliminate using glue in the initial installation,” explained Imhof, “and they find no need to come back and add screws after the floor is fastened.”

In essence, the TetraGrip™ Sub-floor Fastening System offers the best of both worlds: the holding power of a 2” floor screw combined with the installation speed of a nail. Sub-floor installation suddenly becomes a one-step fastening process. No more gluing or switching between nails and screws, or coming back later to finish the job. You put down the panels, you fasten them immediately and you’re done. Builders have the peace of mind of knowing that this fastener will hold in place and will not induce squeaks, meaning greater homeowner satisfaction and fewer call backs.

TetraGrip™  Pneumatic Nailer And Fasteners:

The TetraGrip™ Sub-floor Fastening System is designed for production work with a dedicated pneumatic coil framing nailer, Model PF237C, engineered to drive the TetraGrip™ fastener.

Each coil holds 120 TetraGrip™ fasteners. The TetraGrip™ subfloor fastener is made in the USA and is recognized by ICC-ES under ESR-3071.
The TetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastening System is available selectively during the initial roll out by calling Paslode at 1-800-468-7403.

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