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Kershaw Black Horse II


Kershaw Black Horse II Model # 8Cr13MoV 

I like knives, and I like them a lot. My family teases me because they know they can usually find a knife in my car, in my workshop, in my bureau, in my pocket, or on my belt. I find quality knives to be a reliable and indispensable companion in so many situations. This summer I carried the Kershaw Black Horse II on my belt almost everyday. The Black Horse II was put to many tests this summer and it passed each one flawlessly. I love this knife!

Based on its size, the Black Horse II is not necessarily an EDC for your pocket. It is 4 7/8 inches long when closed and 8 3/4 inches long when opened. The heavy-duty nylon Velcro knife case that comes with the Black Horse II is perfect for your belt and it can be worn either horizontally or vertically. The Black Horse II is only 4.9 ounces, so it is not heavy on your belt or in your pocket, though I did find it more comfortable on my belt. The handle is also pre-drilled to accept a lanyard as another carrying method.

What Makes The Black Horse II Special?

The Black Horse II has a satin-finish stainless steel blade. The blade is opened using a classic thumb slot. I own several other Kershaw Speed-safe knives, so it did take some time growing accustomed to using a thumb and finger to open the knife, however this is not a deal-breaker in my opinion. Once opened, the blade is very secure because of the steel liners and a heavy steel lock back. It never once accidentally opened or closed on me. When ready to close it, you depress the locking mechanism on the back of the handle and the blade unlocks and is easily returned to its closed position.

What I liked The Most!

The Kershaw Black Horse II handle instantly appealed to me. As you will notice in the picture, the non-slip polymer handle has four molded finger positions. The finger contours in the handle make the knife very easy to hold firmly while cutting through a variety of materials. The rubberized handle also works well when you have wet hands or when you are wearing work gloves.

The blade itself is 3 3/4 inches long and constructed of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. It has a sharp clip-point blade for puncturing materials and a wide enough belly for slicing materials. The blade is thick enough to cut through whatever is placed in its path. The edge of the blade remained sharp all summer long, even after cutting through numerous corrugated cardboard boxes, 5/8” garden hoses, braided nylon sailing rope, fishing tackle, electrical wiring, wallboard, and even tomatoes from the garden—slicing ripe tomatoes easily is a real testament to its quality blade after cutting through so many other tough materials.

Overall Impression:

The Kershaw Black Horse II is a true working knife. This utility knife has a rugged look and appeal. The hand grip is secure and steadfast. The lock back-folding blade has the strength and durability for many years of work and play. Any hunter, rancher, fisherman, sailor, laborer, or weekend warrior would love the Kershaw Black Horse II as a gift. At only $39.95 at, it is worth every penny.

John Peachey is a 23-year veteran teacher, a big fan of technology and gadgets, and also a homeowner. He enjoys completing DIY projects and has been responsible for managing and maintaining a local sail and swim club for 11 years.



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