KEEN Utility Rainier Crossover Work Boot

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KEEN Rainier Work Boot on the ACC Shop Floor

As carpenters and contractors we spend a lot of time on our feet, often times indoors, especially when we are locked in the shop creating custom cabinets or built ins for a project. When we discovered KEEN released a new model for indoor industrial workers we knew this could be a good fit for tradesmen and women.  The folks at KEEN did not disappoint and continue to impress us with quality footwear that is tailored to meet various job-site, and in this case, indoor environments.


KEEN Utility Rainier Crossover Work Boot

The KEEN Utility Rainier Crossover Work Boot has an outdoor inspired look balanced with indoor performance features like ASTM Mark II slip resistance, metatomical footbed and compression molded EVA midsole, and a non-metallic asymmetrical safety toes. These boots are extremely comfortable, from the footbed, to the top of the boot, these were designed to pamper your hard working feet.

Out of the Box

I love the design of these boots, the combination of smooth leather, suede texture, and rubber overmold makes for a coordinated and well dressed shoe. I can’t say enough about the oversized rubber toes that always deliver, especially when I see my peers on the job-site with holes in their boots from worn out toes, this signature toe is a mainstay for KEEN and a great feature.

KEEN Utility Rainier Crossover Work Boot 4

The pull on the back of the boot is also very sleek and doesn’t protrude from the bottom of my pants like some other shoes I’ve owned, which just plain looks dumb. The color scheme of the pull is representative of the boot as well and just gives the boot a unique look. Adding to this look is the lace holes, lined with heavy duty plastic in the shape of a nut, as in nut and bolt, definitely designed with industry in mind.

The string hooks at the top of the boot are also composed of heavy duty plastic that is shaped perfectly to lock your shoe strings where you want them while lacing your boots. The hooks make an audible click when secured and since wearing these boots, I’ve yet to have a lace come loose while working. Although snug, the laces remove easily with a little directed pressure when removing your shoes after a long day.

KEEN Utility Rainier Crossover Work Boot 8


These boots DO NOT disappointed in the field. Comfortable on ladders, comfortable while working on the ground, comfortable while standing for hours straight, and especially comfortable on hard cold surfaces (like a shop floor).

In particular I appreciated the additional insulation throughout the boot, this combined with the KEEN.dry waterproof membrane makes for an overall warm boot. If you’ve spent time on concrete for long periods of time you know that this material just steals heat from your feet. I found these boots to balance that heat loss quite well, and even when not on cold concrete, I’d only notice my feet getting sweaty when in very warm environments.

KEEN Utility Rainier Crossover Work Boot 6

I’ve come to expect some key KEEN performance features in their utility line, the most prevalent being the asymmetrical safety toe, which even while kneeling with foot bent, remains comfortable as you never feel the composite toe dig into your foot. And of course while in this position you can’t fail to appreciate the signature KEEN toe rubber overmold that protects the boot from wear and tear.

I can’t say enough about the comfort of these boots. First and foremost, the first time I put them on they felt noticeably more comfortable than my last pair of boots, which is impressive considering they weren’t broken in yet. And the comfort just kept going, towards the end of the day my feet normally feel the strain of my workday, now I get home and often keep my boots on for a few hours before I realize my feet are achy.

KEEN Utility Rainier Crossover Work Boot 1


Overall Impression

This is a home run for KEEN, these boots combine style, comfort, and performance so well that I’m considering making this my everyday boot. Designed specifically for indoor environments, as a carpenter I feel this crossover meets my needs perfectly as an indoor/outdoor tradesmen. This boot is especially attractive because of it’s focus on indoor industrial environment, as the shop floor can wreak havoc on my feet, but these boots keep you comfortable and safe in the many environments I find myself working in.

KEEN Utility Rainier Crossover Work Boot 10

I’d most likely switch to a more robust outdoor boot for primarily outdoor work, like framing, but other than initial new construction scenarios this boot satisfied 95% of my needs as a carpenter. Style isn’t a major consideration for me, but even I have my limits. KEEN boasts a eye catching Persimmon Orange safety color with this model that I find just a bit too “vibrant” for my taste. I’m just glad they sent the Shitake/Forest Night color…

Regardless KEEN once again delivers reliable, well designed footwear, that answers the need of hard working men and women everywhere who call hard concrete floors their office.

The KEEN Utility Rainier Crossover Work Boot is ACC Job-Site AND Workshop Approved!

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