Timberland Pro Helix Work Boot

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Timberland Pro Helix Work Boot Review

G&L clothing who provides clothing for all and Big and Tall sent us a pair of Timberland Pro Helix 6” boots to try out.

First impressionTimberland Pro Helix Work Boot

These are some nice looking boots. Made with quality full-grain leather with a waterproof membrane, a non-marking lugged sole. There are lace hooks near the top to speed up taking your boots off at the end of a long day, something I immediately noticed and appreciated!

They also feature a composite safety toe and anti-fatigue mid-sole/insole for increased safety and comfort. There’s a LOT packed into these boots.

Timberland Pro Helix In Use

First off I already own a pair of Timberland PRO 6″ Hyperion AT WP boots in a 12 wide and I really like them.

Sizing was a little off for me on the Pro Helix as the 12 wide was too small so I had to send them back and get a 13 wide (Timberland makes half sizes up to a 12 then whole sizes for 13-14).

I often have trouble finding shoes that fit. My problem area is the toe box (which is a serious problem with safety footwear due to the unyielding nature of safety toes) but these have a really roomy toe box (they call it a Titan toe) and yet with the Heel Lock technology my heel is still set in the heel cup.

As an added bonus, I can wear really thick to medium thickness socks and my heel doesn’t slip around when I’m wearing the lighter weight socks.  Meaning that these can be worn in a variety of temperatures without losing performance or fit.

Plus G&L offers free return shipping for exchanges. Hard to go wrong with that!

Comfort and PerformanceTimberland Pro Helix Work Boot

The Pro Helix is designed as an anti-fatigue boot and it’s almost unbelievably comfortable.  The EVA mid-sole is designed to provide athletic shoe performance.   The  two part insole acts like a built in anti-fatigue mat.  All I can say is, it works.  My feet haven’t been the least bit sore at the end of 8-10 hour days.  You really do feel like you’re standing or walking on anti-fatigue mats, it’s incredible!

I don’t usually work in wet conditions so I typically prefer boots without a waterproof membrane as this makes my boots more breathable and my feet cooler. But I have to say I’ve been impressed with the breath-ability of these boots. Not quite as cool as some of my unlined, all leather boots but not at all bad.

They also have a high traction non-marking out sole. I did find that on smooth surfaces that were wet (like grocery store floors) Things got a little slippery.  But I still had more traction then I would with a lot of work boots and they worked great on the job site.  Having good traction in mud, wet rock and concrete, dirt, wood floors (don’t worry that was on a dry day) and floor protecting materials such as cardboard and rosin paper.

Overall Impression:

In short these are a serious work boot with smart features to improve fit, comfort, and safety.  From the heel lock, the waterproof membrane, the anti fatigue insole, and the EVA mid-sole to the non marking out-sole these boots are just plain fantastic.

I’ve been paying a bit more attention to what shoes or boots other guys I’m working with are wearing and I’ve seen three other carpenters wearing Timberland Pro boots lately. So if that isn’t a solid recommendation I don’t know what is!

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