Keen Utility Dallas Wellington Boot

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Keen Utility Dallas Wellington Boot Review

Keen recently sent me a pair of their Dallas Wellington Work Boots to review and evaluate. As a carpenter and remodeler spending 8-10 hours a day on my feet is not uncommon. I have gone through several pairs of boots, both geared towards indoors as well as outdoors with little to no luck in comfort and durability. Some days I would just opt for my regular sneakers to seek the comfort I would need, but lacked the safety in steel toe and the traction a boot would offer.

Keen is an American shoe manufacturing company based out of Portland Oregon and was founded in 2003.  The first pair of Keen shoes were sandals that featured a thick black bumper covering which was designed to protect your toes. In 2004 after the Asian Tsunami, Keen took their entire marketing budget and donated it in it’s entirety to relief efforts. An amazing gesture that turned into a Hybrid Care Program with several other companies to assist in relief efforts. Fast forward to 2015, Keen had 100 employees, open a new headquarters in the Pearl Building in Portland Oregon and are turning out an assortment of sandals, casual shoes, utility boots, socks and many others.


KEEN Boots

First Impression:

Over the past 6 months I have been wearing the Keen Utility Braddock Work boot and I thought to myself, Keen is really going to have to impress me with these Dallas Wellington Boots in order to get me to switch over. As a more traditional, tie my boots kind of guy, I didn’t think I would get used to the slip-on style “cowboy boots” I just received. The initial thought of having the boots rub up against my shins all day already had me reaching for thick wool socks to prevent direct skin contact. One thing I knew I could get used to quickly was just kicking them off at the end of a long hard working day!


Dallas Wellington Boot Specifications:

  • Weight: 38.2 oz
  • Style: Slip-on Boots
  • Features: Waterproof, Steel Toe
  • Material: Waterproof Leather

Performance on the Jobsite:

As a remodeler, like I said earlier being on my feet all day occurs quiet often. These Dallas Wellington boots are incredibly comfortable all day long. Once I got leather broke in I hardly noticed I was wearing cowboy style boots. Much like a leather baseball glove, they were stiff at first, but constant wear has broken them in to a perfect pair of work boots. Having the comfort of regular shoes, but with the added protection of the steel toe and stellar traction, has my feet secure and safe from all the hazards of the jobsite.  Climbing ladders in the rain, working on concrete floors, or kneeling down with your toes bent these boots never loose their comfort. From the time I put them on bright and early until I get home and kick them off, my feet never feel the arches and pains of a hard days work like they used to.  I find myself reaching for these boots even when I am not working on the jobsite. My wife kindly reminds me that they are dirty work boots and I should probably switch them for more appropriate footwear… What does she know? She’s never worn a pair of Keen Utility Dallas Wellingtons!

Overall Impression:

Since their inception in 2003 the folks at Keen have developed a solid reputation in the work boot industry and definitely have become our go to brand of work boots here at A Concord Carpenter. Whether it is ACC Carpenter Phil Benevides’ favorite boot the Keen Utility Braddock or editor Rob Robillard’s boot of choice the Keen Utility Tacoma Industrial Boot, all of our feet thank us for choosing Keen!

One of the Keen sayings for these boots is “little bit country, it’s always ready to rock-and-roll. Protecting toes one shoe at a time.” At the end of the day, that is what Keen is all about, protecting your feet. Foot related injuries can cripple or even end your career and as a guy who is always on my feet, I trust Keen to keep them safe.

How Much and Where To Buy:

These Keen Utility Dallas Wellington Work Boots are sold online anywhere from $169.99 to 194.95 depending on your size here: Keen Utility Dallas Wellington Steel Top Work Boot


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