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Enhancing Your Home’s Security with DIY Remodeling Projects

Home construction projects, regardless of their eventual outcome, begin with the intent of making one’s home more beautiful, more valuable, and more impressive. But some of the best remodeling projects are actually those that strive to improve the overall home security when remodeling.

Each year millions of Americans fall victim to the schemes of burglars and thieves who use security gaps to successfully loot homes. Don’t wait until a robbery occurs to protect yourself, your family, and your belongings from criminals. There are many home improvement and construction projects you can complete to make your home less susceptible to break-ins, and plenty of different devices you can install to alert your family if a break-in does occur.

Door Security:

What material is your door made out of? Doors are the first point of attack for most burglars, so it makes sense to install one that does all it can to protect against forced entries. If you’re doing home renovations and installing your front door yourself, consider using a fiberglass door that swings outward and don’t forget the security hinges. Doors should be windowless to prevent easy accessibility to the lock, and far away from the other windows in your home. For additional security during construction, install a storm door to act as an additional barrier between a thief and your property.

Inexpensive Door and Window Alarms:

Keeping your windows and doors locked might not be enough to keep criminals out of your house. While you’re in the process of remodeling your home, remember that motion-detectors and small alarms can be easily installed in the space of an afternoon. Motion-activated floodlights are great alerts for sensing activity in your yard, and also make it more difficult for a thief to remain hidden while looking for an entrance.

If you want more than just an light, wireless security systems are also an option. Most ADT equipment and similar wireless monitoring systems can provide you with the peace of mind you might not get otherwise, since professional security companies are monitored 24/7. Today’s alarm systems can also send information directly to you phone, alerting you when your alarm has been tripped.

Bar Windows to Prevent Break Ins:

A man’s home is his castle, and protecting as one would a fortress is the best option if you’re serious about your family’s safety. Installing bars on the first floor and basement windows of your home may be a departure from your typical construction projects, but their intent speaks loudly to anyone who is contemplating your home for a potential target. If you do decide to install window bars, ensure that they can be removed easily from the inside, in case of an emergency.

Add a Mail Slot:

When mail piles up inside your mailbox, it tips potential thieves off to the fact that you’re likely out of town. Identity thieves can also steal valuable information about you from documents or bank statements that may have arrived during your vacation. Prevent this from happening by installing a mail slot on either your front or garage door. A mail slot allows your mail to be delivered safely, away from prying eyes.

Install Home Surveillance Cameras:

Security cameras used to exist only within the homes of the rich and famous – now they are available for as little as several hundred dollars, and may even come with advanced wireless features. Installing a surveillance system doesn’t have to be left to the professionals anymore, either. Cameras can be battery powered or connected to a transformer that runs to an outlet.  For continuous use, choose the variety that can be plugged in. You also have the option of recording footage your camera captures. You can buy a small recorder that begins filming when motion is detected in the camera’s range, some cameras also contain software that allows them to upload the footage online where you can view it (hypothetically, from anywhere in the world).

It’s All About Home Security and Safety:

A well-built burglary safe should be impenetrable, even if the safety of the rest of your home has been compromised. Jewelry, bank statements, passports, legal documents and other valuables can be stored away in an immovable safe located in the wall or floor of your house. Installing a safe yourself is not too daunting a task, and if you have irreplaceable possessions that can’t be kept anywhere else, a home safe is by far your best option.


Make Your Lock Burglar-Proof:

Even amateur thieves know their way around a locked door. Make your lock “pick-proof” and decrease the risk of a burglary occurring within your home. When remodeling consider installing a dead-lock as well (a lock only visible from the inside) to further fortify your entrance.

Install peepholes:

Know who’s on the other side of your door by adding a peephole. Install a wide-angle peephole on your front door to get a good look at who come callings.Clopay Coachman Garage Door

Fortify Garage Doors:

If you’ve already gone through the trouble of making your front door an impenetrable wall, it’s worth your time to secure your garage door as well. Garage doors are a common weak point in homes and a frequent target of thieves and burglars. Follow similar construction steps with your garage door as you would with the other ones in your home; make sure the door is constructed out of a solid, sturdy material (strong wood or metal), and is locked with a deadbolt when you’re away. Remember to perform routine maintenance on your garage door as well: check hinges and other replaceable parts, and look for corrosion or rust.

Hedges and Shrubs:

With the various home security systems now available for consumers, as we remodel we tend to forget not only one of the “greenest” ways to secure our homes, but also the cheapest. There are many species of plant that grow thorns of formidable size, and certain prickly vines can be trained to grow in areas you want especially protected. Avoid, however, planting trees and shrubberies near windows and doors, since thieves can take cover while working on forcing their way in gradually.  Spend a day outside working on your landscaping and you’ll have installed a security system that never needs to be recharged, repaired, or replaced.

Take the time and evaluate you remodeling project for options to improve the overall security of your home

Stay safe!

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