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GREENBAGPICKUP Dumpster Bag Service

GREENBAGPICKUP Dumpster Bag Service Outclasses The Competition the new guy on the block!

The idea of using a flexible light weight bag that can instantly be transformed into a dumpster bag and perform just like a steel dumpster is changing the way I look at remodeling.

GREENBAGPICKUP Dumpster Bag Service is a perfect solution for small renovations or clean up jobs  that are too small for a dumpster or where the location or the budget sustain a steel dumpster and its long term rental costs.

Before dumpster bags we would show up to a small repair project with trash barrels and depending on what we find we then might have to order a dumpster.    Now instead of having to guess and scramble with unexpected repair and renovation debris, I just keep some dumpster bags in my trailer.

These super strong and durable dumpster bags are puncture and tear resistant.  The best part of these bags is that they fold up to the size of a small tarp and store in my trailer for those situations where I need a quick solution for a dumpster.

These dumpster bags would also be great for basement and other clean-out or cleanup projects

Recently I had the opportunity to review a NEW dumpster-bag removal company called  This company is local to my area in Acton, Massachusetts and provides a low cost alternative dumpster removal service.

One interesting point that I liked alot is that they will pick up any competitor brand dumpster bag regardless of who makes it.  Yup they even pick up the green Bagster bags.

GREENBAGPICKUP Dumpster Bag Service also provide bags and offer two sizes; 1.5 or 3.0 cubic dumpster bags.

I used a 3.o cubic “Bagster” dumpster bag on a recent bathroom and basement remodel and loaded it full of plywood, blue board, Durock, plaster, a toilet, a sink, tile debris and other construction related debris.

After filling my competitor bag I called and spoke with Denille Ruth who assisted me in scheduling my bag pick up.  Denille was super professional and knowledgeable to the process.

When came to pick up the dumpster bag I found the driver, “Vinny,” to be friendly and professional.  He gave me a tour of his truck showed me his super cool remote control that operates the truck mounted crane  [knuckle-boom]

I learned that the knuckle boom on his truck can easily lift a dumpster bag full of 3,300 pounds of debris by the straps.

What impressed me the most was that after Vinny loaded the “bagster” into his truck he opened his truck tool box and gave me another bag, free!

I found super easy to work with from scheduling to the actual on site pick up the company was a class act.  “Their practice of offering free bags (when available) is a game changer and only one small indication of how they treat their customers.”

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