Gloves for Hot BBQ and Cold Beer?!?

By Rob Foster on Home And Personal Safety

StoneBreaker Tailgaiting Gloves

When do work gloves become “fun” gloves? When they include a bottle opener!

StoneBreaker Tailgating Gloves are designed for the tailgating crowd. These gloves pulls triple duty; keeping hands warm in the winter, protecting them from grill flames and hot dishes and most importantly, the ability to pop the top on the coldies.

These 100% percent leather gloves showcase an extended cuff to keep arm hairs unsinged, a plastic grommet hole so that they can easily hang next to the other grilling tools and a custom stamped, hex nut, aluminum bottle opener in the palm of the right glove.

Now, I can guess what you are thinking, “Do I really need a pair of gloves just for grilling and drinking?” Well, I admit they are a novelty item but, I did find them to be a welcome addition to my grilling arsenal.

I have a propane-assisted grill and use a chimney to start the coals and then dump them into the baskets. Normally I’d use the old oven mitts to reach into the flames but, they are a bit awkward and don’t provide the same flexibility as the gloves.

Gloves for Hot BBQ and Cold Beer?!?

StoneBreaker Tailgating Gloves Test

To test how much heat they/I could endure, the temperature gauge was redlined and I placed my gloved hand on the dome for 10 seconds. I could DEFINETLY feel the heat but I didn’t get burned.

Gloves for Hot BBQ and Cold Beer?!?


Gloves for Hot BBQ and Cold Beer?!?

Built In Bottle Opener

The StoneBreaker Tailgating Gloves have a built-in bottle opener that took some getting used to. I struggled with the choice of using my gloved hand to open the bottle or, use the bottle to leverage the lid off. I found that keeping my hand in place and moving the bottle was easier and provided better line of sight. The company recommends making a fist and rolling the wrist backwards.

Gloves for Hot BBQ and Cold Beer?!?

To purchase visit the StoneBreaker site.

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