Gerber EVO TI-Coated Knife

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Gerber EVO TI-Coated Knife Review

We often get requests from manufactures to test out their latest and greatest EDC knives. EDC stands for Every Day Carry, a knife in which you don’t leave home without unless you are traveling on a plane, and then your fate is in the hands of the TSA.  We never turn down the opportunity to review an EDC knife because we believe so many of our readers rely on EDC’s.

Recently Gerber sent us a few products to test and evaluate, including their EVO knife, which you would consider an every day carry knife. Gerber is a reputable company that has a slew of products ranging from bad ass tomahawks to several different types of multi-tools. In between all of those, they have a solid knife selection.



Typically when I get my hands on a new knife the first thing I do is to inspect the blade. Why wouldn’t you, it is what is going to be doing all the work? The EVO came straight out of the package razor sharp. The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel with a titanium coating which adds additional corrosion protection.

Ease of Opening

Another important feature I like to look at is the ease of opening.  One handed operation for quick deployment is important to me and the EVO comes with an oversized thumb stub for fast opening.

Pocket Clip

The third most important thing to me is the pocket clip. Far too many knives come with flimsy clips that after a few times of taking out of my pocket become loose or bend outward causing it to sit loosely in my pocket. I prefer a hard ridged pocket clip that will withstand the constant taking out and putting back in my pocket.


  • Blade Length: 3.43″
  • Closed Length: 4.61″
  • Overall Length: 7.95″
  • Weight: 2.8oz
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Titanium Nitride Coating
  • Lifetime Warranty

Using the EVO:

I have carried this knife around with me as an EDC for a few weeks and it has definitely proven to be a great carry knife. Whether using it to break down cardboard boxes, cutting wiring, rope or using it to cut my sandwich on the jobsite, YES I cleaned it before I used it, this knife has cut with the same ease as the first day I got it.

Fit and Finish:

I did notice the aluminum handle showed signs of wear after a while, as it should. We are talking about a knife here, not fine china!  Over the course of my evaluation period I would venture to say I deployed the knife 100 times and with every holster back into my pocket, the clip maintained its’ form and always stayed secure.

Overall Impression:

One thing worth mentioning is the handle seemed thin to me. I know that Gerber has designed the EVO to be one of the lightest folding knives they produce, and their mindset was to make it lightweight and sleek, but a little thicker handle would be greatly appreciated. Other than the handle being thin, this knife is highly recommended. It is a sharp, lightweight, easily deployable knife, that is extremely affordable.

How and Where To Buy:

The Gerber EVO, Titanium Coated Serrated Knife can be purchased online for around $21.00 by clicking here: Gerber EVO, Titanium Coated Serrated Knife


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