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Dremel Multi-Max MM20 Oscillating Tool Kit Review

I recently had the opportunity to test drive the Dremel Multi-Max MM20 Oscillating Tool Kit.  The MM20 is an upgraded and improved version of Dremel’s previous Multi-Max model.  The MM20 weighs just less than 6 pounds and is 17.25 inches in length.  The Dremel MM20 currently sells for $99.00 at most local hardware and home improvement stores.

Dremel Multi-Max MM20 Features:

The Dremel Multi-Max MM20 has a 2.3 amp motor, compared to the 1.5 amp motor in the previous model.  The MM20’s motor was quiet, powerful and efficient in the tests I performed. The MM20 has a larger fan than its predecessor and there are 4 ventilation openings on the side of the device and two openings on the bottom of the device.  These openings kept the device relatively cool during operation, though those with larger hands do run the risk of covering one or more of the side ventilation openings during normal operation.  The variable speed motor is reported to deliver 10,000 – 21,000 OPM.  The on/off switch is on the top of the device (toward the front) and the variable speed control is also on the top of the device (toward the back).

The Dremel Multi-Max MM20 is easy to operate with one hand due to its rubberized hand grip, though I did find my hand often mistakenly adjusted the speed of the motor since the variable speed dial is close to where I placed my hand.  The compact design and long 7-foot power cord allowed for easy handling on my spacious worktable as well as in tight spaces.

The Dremel Multi-Max MM20 requires the included hex key to install and remove all accessories.  You begin by using the hex key to loosen the clamping screw and metal blade washer.  The blade is then inserted flush onto the accessory holder, making sure the small holes in the blade engage all of the pins in the holder.  Once the blade is secure, you tighten the clamping screw and washer with the hex key.

While changing the accessories can be done quickly and easily, it does require you to use an easy-to-misplace hex key in order to do so.  A bigger flaw with this design is the blades can become loose if you don’t firmly tighten the clamp screw.

On two occasions I was cutting a ¾” piece of pine, the clamp screw became loose and the blade fell off.  After that, I over-tightened the blades, but was fearful that I was going to snap the metal blade against the washer and accessory holder.

Dremel has solved this hex key issue with their Dremel Multi-Max MM40 ($129.00), the clamp screw.  On two occasion which uses a wrench-less Quick Lock lever system to install and remove all accessories.

Using the Dremel Multi-Max MM20:

The real benefit of the Dremel MM20 was its ability to make quick, clean, and nearly effortless plunge and flush cuts.  I was able to easily make a triangular plunge cut into a piece of ¾” pine and could imagine it would do an excellent job cutting out drywall for a post-construction electrical outlet.  Ordinarily such a cut would take more time and effort.  When installing a tile floor in a bathroom, the MM20 was able to make a flush cut at the base of the door casing without having to remove it.  The new tile fit securely under the casing and there was very little clean-up required.  I also found the variable speed motor to be especially helpful when using the sanding pad and included hook-and-loop sheets.  The compact design of the MM20 and its triangular sanding head allowed it to fit into corners with ease.

The Dremel MM20 fits well in the included case and there are several places where you can store the accessories.  The case appears to be strong enough to survive many years of lightweight use.  The Dremel MM20 Tool Kit includes five MM70W sanding sheets, one MM11 hook-and-loop sanding pad, one MM610 flexible scraper blade, one MM480 wood flush-cut blade and the plastic case.

A wide range of Quick Fit accessories are sold in single-packs or in bulk packs, which include three blades per pack.  The single blades range in price from $9.97 to $29.97.  The metal and wood blades are sold in various widths and conveniently include printed lines labeled in inches and millimeters to help you gauge the depth of the cut you made.

Overall Impression:

Oscillating tools have become very popular due to their versatility.  Homeowners should consider purchasing the Dremel MM20 due to its powerful motor, compact design, and the numerous accessories designed for a variety of cutting, sanding, and scraping applications.  The MM20 has secured a place in my own tool collection.

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