DEWALT MultiTool DWE315K

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DEWALT Launches New Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool – DWE315K

The Multi-Tool has become the professional contractor’s go to tool for quick, hard to reach, difficult, or previously impossible cuts. The Multi-Tool is  becoming as  popular on the job site as the carpenter’s hammer. Since Fein Power Tool’s patent for their oscillating wonder saw expired in October 2008, every manufacturer has produced an oscillating tool to compete with this revolutionary tool.

DEWALT has thrown their hat in the ring after some serious research and updates to multi-tool design with the aim of improving performance.  It’s important to note that DEWALT did not rush into this race and instead decided to do some market research and R&D homework.

DWE315KNew DEWALT MultiTool DWE315K

The new DEWALT MultiTool DWE315K features a 3.0 Amp motor and a tool-free QUICK CHANGE system, which we like for rapidly changing a dull blade or switching cutting applications between jobs. Time is money, and the ability to stay on a ladder, and easily remove a blade, replace it, and get back to work without the use of an Allen wrench or key is a blessing. I’m excited to see how the DEWALT system performs.


The New DEWALT MultiTool DWE315K oscillating multi-tool has adapted to the users needs with their DUAL-GRIP variable speed trigger. These innovations allow the operator to use this multi-tool with a whole array of awkward grips you find yourself trying when making a complicated cut with these types of tools, hopefully more comfortable now. The variable speed trigger should also enhance control during cuts.


This kit comes complete with DEWALT’s new UNIVERSAL FITMENT accessories. Providing you with some specialized blades for cutting asphalt shingles and removing grout between tiles. Additionally this kit has a Oscillating Tool Guide System for setting height and depth of cut to assist you making accurate and repeatable cuts.

DEWALT 30-Piece Accessory Kit (Not included with DWE315K Kit)

  • (1) Bi-metal plunge cut blade
  • (1) Fast-cut wood blade
  • (1) Semi-circle flush cut blade
  • (1) Sanding pad
  • (25) sheets of sand paper
  • (1) Universal accessory adapter

These products online for $ 162.99 here:  Dewalt-DWE315K-Oscillating-Tool-Accessories

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