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DEWALT DCL050 LED Work Light

DEWALT 20 Volt DCL050 Work Light

The folks at DEWALT recently released the DEWALT DCL050 LED Work light that features 3 super bright LED’s with 2 Brightness Settings (500 and 250 Lumen) that work off the 20 volt battery platform.  This LED work light accepts a bottom mount 20 volt battery that allows the light to sit flat on a table.


The DEWALT DCL050 LED work light weighs 1.7 pounds and measures 5.8 x 3.9 x 14.9 inches.   It’s LED work head pivots 0 to 140 degrees which allows the user to direct the work light in many different positions.   A built in, telescoping, storage hook stores in the work light head and allows the tool to hang and rotate 360-degrees on the hook, this hook is designed to fit over an 1-1/2 inch pipe.  The hook has a 3-inch clearance and from the tip of the hook and 4-inches at the arch of the hook.

DEWALT DCL050 LED Work Light Video

The work light lens is an over-molded plastic, surrounded by rubber over mold.   Two positions on either side of the battery allow for the mounting of a belt hook accessory.

Prior to this release DEWALT offered their DCL040 with one LED bulb producing 110 lumen and a 120 degree pivot adjustment.  The DCL050 is a huge advancement to it’s predecessor.  Its brighter and allows better positioning.


Using the DEWALT DCL050 LED Work Light

The DCL050 is bright and extremely useful on the job site.  I initially thought that the pivot would be weak and fail but after using and dropping it the pivot proved to be extremely durable.

While I did not use the hanging hook much the pivot position is incredibly adaptable to adjustment and shedding light in all direction on a swivel.

This is the type of tool that any pro contractor will want, especially if they are running other 20 volt battery DEWALT tools.

How Much and Where To Buy?

The DEWALT DCL050 20V Max LED Hand Held Area Light sells online for $74.00 here: DEWALT-DCL050-Hand-Held-LighT>

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