COAST Rechargeable Flashlights

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COAST LED Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Flashlights

I’ve carried a flashlight of some sort everyday for twenty years and I know what I like and what works.

I’ve been a COAST flashlight user for a few years now ever since I found the HP7 flashlight. I appreciate that they make feature-rich, dependable lights that are used across an array of fields and working applications from Law enforcement, public safety personnel to contractors and tradesmen. Recently they debuted the new COAST rechargeable flashlights and we took a close look at the HP7R and the A25R models.

Rechargeable Flashlights – Where’s The Value?

Replacement battery cost comes to mind! The new COAST flashlights come with two lithium-ion battery packs. One pack powers the flashlight and the other pack is a spare. With two lithium-ion batteries the user can switch in the charged one when the other is out of juice. COAST must have been reading the Boy scout s manual about always being prepared!

Cordless technology has come a long way and as a result the light output and run-time on these new lights is impressive and the shelf life for Li-ion is a huge advantage for a flashlight that may sit idle for some time.

One nice environmental with the lithium-ion rechargeable batteries is they last over 500 charges before they start to degrade in power. Think about how many disposable batteries that would be. I’m guessing that each pack saves 2000 batteries over its lifetime. COAST offers five rechargeable flashlights in different sizes and with features that appeal too all types of trades as well as public safety services.

COAST Rechargeable Models:

  • HP7R: 201 lumen, 306-meter beam distance, run time of 7 hours, 45 minutes
  • HP5R: 181 lumen, 172-meter beam distance, run time of 3 hours, 40 minutes
  •  A25R: 466 lumen, 171-meter beam distance, run time of 7 hours, 30 minutes
  • A22R: 241 lumen, 113-meter beam distance, run time of 3 hours, 30 minutes
  • A9R: 54 lumen, 24-meter beam distance, run time of 29 minutes

COAST Rechargeable Flashlights

HP7R and A25R Charging and Power Options:

We specifically looked at the HP7R and the A25R. both are rechargeable and have very similar features and construction. The COAST rechargeable LED flashlights come with rechargeable lithium batteries you can switch out for standard alkaline batteries is electricity or external charging is not available.

We especially like that COAST gives the user dual power recharging options that utilize a charging port on the flashlight as well as the battery packs. A micro USB charging port is located under the flashlights tail cap, which you pop up to reveal. A rubberized o-ring keeps the charging port free from moisture and dust. The dual charging allows for several options to get this flashlight charged: USB, AC, DC, as well as standard AAA batteries.

COAST provides a battery adapter pack designed to accept four [4] AAA batteries which allow you to continue using your light, even without access to charging power.COAST also designed a Cyclone Heat Sink System inside these lights which decrease heat buildup and increases longevity of the battery and maximize light output.

HP7R Flashlight Video Review:

HP7R Rechargeable Flashlight:

The HP7R rechargeable flashlight was our favorite and one that Law Enforcement officers will love!

It has an impact-resistant, lightweight black[matte] colored aluminum casing which resists rust and corrosion. The bulb is rated as an unbreakable LED and rubberized O-rings keep the components and charging port water and dust resistant. It measures 6-inches long, 1.18-inch in diameter and weighs 7.02 ounces.

The spot beam has a distance up 1,003 feet, making it an outstanding working light for all types of tactical, EMT, rescue, and law enforcement personnel.

The end cap of the HP7R has a recessed rubber-covered, cycle switch allowing the user to turn the flashlight on or off. Short presses of this rear switch also allow the user to quickly select between three light settings:

  1. High output setting of 201 lumen,
  2. High powered strobe mode,
  3. Low output of 22 lumen.

The HP7R has a long range Focusing Optic System that provides superior beam consistency from spot to flood. We found the spot amazingly bright and the flood light was consistently clean and bright. The flood light setting provides amazingly nice color, bright light making a great light for working in the trades.

We did not experience any negative lighting, color or dark ring issues in any setting of the focus settings. The HP7R flashlight is very bright on both high and low settings with plenty of light to illuminate a large room effectively and evenly.

We found the focusing mechanism easy, smooth and fast to manipulate. A simple push or pull of the lights front bezel changed the light from a beam to spot. I was able to focus this light with my thumb only or with thumb and forefinger, super-easy to do. A twist of the bezel locks the beam focus. We found that the lock does restrict the bezel movement but it still can be moved with slight force. We’d like to see this lock completely lock down the bezel.

HP7R Run-time:

  • High: 201 Lumen 7:45 hours [Li-ion rechargeable battery]
  • Low: 22 Lumen 38:15 hours [Li-ion rechargeable battery]
  • High: 201 Lumen 2 hours [AAA batteries]
  • Low: 22 Lumen 22:15 hours [AAA batteries]

The HP7R has an approximate run-time of 7:45 hours on the high setting and 38:15 hours on the low light setting.

Its runs for approximately 2 hours on AAA batteries on high and is rated for 22:15 hours on low.

HP7R Features:

  • Long Range Focusing Optic Speed Focus
  • 201 lumen light output
  • 7 hour 45 minute run-time
  • 306 meter (1003 ft) beam distance
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion (2 included) or 4 x AAA (included)
  • Can be charged using AC, DC or USB power sources
  • Aluminum casing; rear switch
  • Impact and water resistant
  • Includes car mount, speed clip, and heavy-duty sheath
  • Length: 5.58 in. / 14.2 cm
  • Weight: 7.2 oz. / 204 g
  • Diameter: Body – 1.18 in / 3.00 cm; Bezel – 1.47 in / 3.74 cm

A25R Flashlight Video Review:

A25R Rechargeable Flashlight:

The AP25R rechargeable flashlight has an impact-resistant, stainless steel casing which resists rust and corrosion and is easy to clean. The bulb is rated as an unbreakable LED and rubberized O-rings keep the components and charging port water and dust resistant.

It measures 6-inches long, 1.116-inch in diameter and weighs 10.4 ounces.

The A25R has a heavy feel and was a bit slippery in my hands, something I did not like. To its defense it is ideal for automotive technicians and anyone who works in dirty, grease environments. This flashlight easily wipes clean and can be easily seen inside engine compartments and other machinery spaces. there will be no leaving this light behind, as it screams loudly out to you with it’s shiny finish.

The A25R flashlight is bright on both high and low settings with plenty of consistent, quality colored light but it is not nearly as bright as the HP7R. Similar to the Hp7R we found the focusing mechanism easy, smooth and fast to manipulate and dial in.

The A25R has only two light settings:

  • High- 466 lumen
  • Low – 68 lumen

The A25R projects a tight, focused beam up to 560 feet. The best feature on the A25R is the bulls-eye spot beam which projects a spot light and also provides a halo of light around the perimeter of the spot. This halo subtly enhances your field of vision.


A25R Run-time

  • High: 466 Lumen 7:30 hours [Li-ion rechargeable battery]
  • Low: 68 Lumen 25:45 hours [Li-ion rechargeable battery]
  • High: 455 Lumen 2:15 hours [AAA batteries]
  • Low: 62 Lumen 33:00 hours [AAA batteries]

A25 Features:

  • Pure Beam Focusing Optic
  • Speed Focus
  • 466 lumen light output
  • 7 hour 30 minute run-time
  • 171 meter (560 ft) beam distance
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion (2 included) or 4 x AAA (included)
  • Can be charged using AC, DC or USB power sources
  • Slide focus with beam lock
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Impact and water resistant
  • Includes heavy duty sheath
  • Length: 5.5 in. / 13.97 cm
  • Weight: 10.4 oz. / 294.84 g
  • Diameter: Body – 1.116 in / 2.83 cm; Bezel – 1.412 in / 3.59 cm

HP7R andA25R Included Accessories:

  • Flashlight,
  • Nylon holster,
  • Two rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs, AAA adapter pack,
  • USB cable,
  • Belt and wall clips,
  • AC adapters
  • DC Adapter
  • USB cord

First Impression:

Both the HP7R and A25R come in a neatly packaged, well designed box that makes a nice presentation and a great first impression. My first thought when opening the box was WOW this is set up like a gift box.

Both flashlights seemed durable and beautiful machined. There were no burs or tool marks on neither the HP7R aluminum casing which has a sweet inlaid knurled pattern nor the A25R stainless steel model. Both lights have a durable, solid weight and feel.

Using the COAST Flashlights:

We used the charging cord plugged into a computer, an external Milwaukee 12v and 18v battery pack, a wall socket (120-volt AC), the automotive adapter (12-volt DC) and lastly the AAA battery cartridge.

All of the options worked as advertised and I especially liked the DC car adapter and found it useful on the job-site. Both lights worked great with the HP7A having the best slip resistant grip and brighter and more intense X-Range Spot Beam for long-distance, as well as, a consistent circle of light in the Broad View Flood Beam.

The A25R Pure Beam focusing system, was a pleasure to use and work with, especially the floodlight which was consistently bright, pure light across the entire beam. The HP7R and A25R both come with Fingertip Speed Focus Control. We really felt that this front bezel focusing system is great and works incredibly fast. Impressive!

Room For Improvement:

AAA Battery Adapter Pack:

When doing this testing we noticed that the AAA battery adapter pack has a delicate end cap and can easily disengage from the plastic cartridge. This happened twice to use resulting in one of the cartridges breaking and having to be discarded.

A25R Handle Grip:

We understand that the A25R is designed for automotive technicians but we would be remiss if we did not tell you that the grip is smooth and does not grip well, especially with gloves or cold, wet hands. I’ve gotta think that a stainless steel knurled grip handle would still wipe clean of grease.

Overall Impression:

It’s been said that a lot of lumen with little Lux amounts to a poor lighting situation, poor color and quality light. Not only has COAST figured out the lumen / lux recipe but they are using quality LED bulbs. Better quality LED gives you a better light output and better light color.

Having a work light that provides consistent colored as well as bright light is a must when distinguishing important structural details, seeing measurements, differentiating electrical wire colors, or looking for suspects!

Add to that lithium-ion battery packs, in a durable impact and resistant package and you have a recipe for success with a durable, go to flashlight. COAST tests and rates their lights to American National Standards Institute, ANSI/FL1 standards which is a specification standardizing flashlight performance. The purpose of the standard is to allow consumers to make apples-to-apples comparisons of lights and to eliminate exaggerated light performance.Which one was my favorite? My personal favorite flashlight was the HP7A for it’s sure grip, lighter weight and long distance output. Either way both lights are quality and did not disappoint.

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