Photovoltaic Systems

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Photovoltaic Systems – Solar Renewable Energy In Massachusetts

Photovoltaic Systems (PV) are solar energy systems that convert sunlight into electricity providing our homes and businesses with clean-renewable energy from the sun. There are two major components in a PV system. The Modules create DC energy (Direct Current) from the sun and the Inverter converts the DC to AC energy (Alternating Current) making the power usable in our homes/businesses.

Anyone investing in a PV system is eligible for a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit on the purchase price of the system. The Concord Municipal Light Department (CMLD) offers a rebate of up to $5,000 for a PV Investment as well.

Massachusetts implemented the Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) program as of 2010 making PV owners eligible to be paid as a literal power producer by the utilities on top of the annual savings recognized by offsetting your electrical needs. Minimum payment is nearly 3x the price of power that you pay for now! Payments would be under a 10 year agreement administered by the DOER for those investing in 2010. The SREC program allows investors to recognize returns in the 5 year range making MA one of the most effective states to invest in clean renewable energy for our homes and businesses.

Guest author Steve Condon is the Regional Accounts Manager at Waterline Alternative Energies. He specializes in providing active solar energy solutions (Photovoltaic and Solar Hot Water) to commercial and residential clients in New England beginning with a site evaluation through the installation. With a background in construction and participation in several passive solar home designs he spent the last three years in New England working to develop Photovoltaic and Solar Hot Water systems tailored to the needs of our clients. Steve earned a degree in Economics and Spanish in 2002, gained his CA State Contractors license in 2006, has taken several Continuing Ed classes in active solar energy design leading to a three year love and career in solar energy system design and installation here in New England.


More info about Waterline Alternative Energies and how solar may suit your residential and commercial energy needs may be found at

He can be reached at or C: 774-314-9231 O: 603-760-6234

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