Vampires Long Nose Screw Extraction Pliers

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Vampires Long Nose Screw Extraction Pliers Tool Review

The first time I held Vampires Long Nose Screw Extraction Pliers it reminded me of an apprentice I had years ago.  He hadn’t figured out that his screw gun was variable speed yet, it was either fully engaged at high speed or off.  Unfortunately for me this resulted in one two many stripped screws.  Even having to drill out one or two and re-taping the hole.  I wonder if I had a set of extraction pliers how much time I would of saved by being able to pull out the screw.

What are extraction pliers?

Vampire pliers are designed with serrations inside their jaws.  Going in both directions vertically and horizontally which allows you to clamp down on the end of a stripped screw or nail.  With the Vampires Long Nose Screw Extraction Pliers you get everything you would normally get in a great pair of needle nose pliers with the added benefit of the screw extraction portion.


  • Weight:  8 oz
  • Dimensions: 10 x 3.75 x .87 in
  • The long nose is ideal for tight, hard to reach spaces
  • Wire cutters designed to HRC60+2 (Rockwell scale for measuring hardness)
  • Comfortable rubber handle, designed with a comfortable groove on the inside for your finger.
  • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. Lead free and 5 other hazardous materials.


I’m currently working on a house that dates back to the 1880’s and in it as you can imagine there are some pretty old outlets in their too.  This is where I was able to try out Vampires Long Nose Screw Extraction Pliers for the first time.  I had two floor outlets and the screws were pretty rusty.  I stripped the screws using my flat head so I picked up a set of extraction pliers and gave them a try.  The rusted 80 year old or greater screws came out with relative ease.  The grip on the Vampire Long Nose Screw Extraction Pliers was superb and I found that the handles gave you a bit more leverage then a screwdriver gives.  Great for a rusted stuck screw.

The second time I tried out the Long Nose Screw Extraction Pliers was when I working on an Intercom system.  The front door keypad had specialty screws to keep people from being able to tamper with the keypad.  I didn’t have the right driver on my but did have my extraction pliers.  I was able to grip the screws just a hair back from the metal front of the keypad to avoid any scratches and turn the screws to the left to remove them.


The more features you can put on a pair of pliers the better.  I’ve found the Vampires Long Nose Screw Extraction Pliers to be as good as my popular brand needle nose pliers before the extraction portion but with the screw extraction they are far and above.  Listed for $39.97 on

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