Warmup Launching New WIFI Thermostats

By Michael Hopp

Warmup 4iE Smart WIFI Thermostats with SmartGeo Warmup, the world’s best selling floor heating brand, with over 2 million systems sold in 60 countries.  Warmup is ready to launch their 4iE Smart WIFI Thermostats and the MyHeating app for whole house comfort control. Inner workings: With built in SmartGeo technology the 4iE is a room…

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Warmup Pipe Freeze Protection Heating Cable

By Robert Robillard

How To Install Warmup Heat Tracing Cable Every winter approximately 250,000 American families have one or more rooms in their homes ruined by water pipes freezing and breaking, according to State Farm Fire and Casualty Co. With temperatures dropping during the winter months, freezing pipes are always a major concern for homeowners, businesses and industry…

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