ZipFast Reusable Dust Barrier Panel System

By Scott Arnold

ZipFast Reusable Dust Barrier Panel by ZipWall One of the most talked about issue we write about here at Concord Carpenter is the controlling of dust during all phases of our work.  One thing I have learned from the professionals that I work with here on this site is that controlling remodeling dust and keeping it out…

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ZipDoor Review

By Michael Hopp

ZipDoor Kit I had received an email from ZipWall that I was selected in the ZipWall Sweepstakes that I had entered (doorway dust barrier kit). I have known about ZipWall products for a while now but have not had the chance to use them.  Rob and some of the ACC crew reviewed this product a…

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ZipWall Plastic Door Zipper

By Robert Robillard

ZIPWALL HEAVY DUTY ZIPPER: ZipWall barrier system has a more durable heavy duty zipper (HDAZ2) that provides easy access in and out of the ZipWall dust barrier. The improved 7 foot long zipper is constructed from a single, wider piece of fabric which eliminates the stitching required to join the adhesive strips to the zipper. ZipWall Plastic…

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