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Rockler T-Track Tabletop

  Rockler T-Track TabletopRockler T-Track Tabletop (item 46654) Review

The Rockler T-Track Tabletop is an excellent foundation for many woodworking and construction jigs.   I have been intrigued with the flexibility of T-Tracks and have long thought that I should be getting more use out of them.   This Tabletop from Rockler makes it easy to build those jigs.


The tabletop comes complete and securely packaged.   The tabletop is 40” x 20” surfaced MDF, 1⅛ inch thick, with thick plastic edge banding resulting in a table that is solid and stiff.   There are 3 T-Tracks running the length and 2 running the width. If you leave an overhang, you can also use the edge for traditional clamps.

Finding its home

I built my first router table 25 years ago. It was replaced years ago, but like woodworkers everywhere, I kept the table, complete with the hole for the mounting plate.   It is perfect as a base for the T-Track Tabletop. The result is a useful assembly table and the T-Tracks all sit just under the surface, so there is no interference.

Clamps, Clamps and more Clamps

You can never have too many clamps. There is a range of clamps and stops made for this table:

There are 2 versions of the short stop, one that is parallel to the track and one that is perpendicular to the track, I recommend both for the flexibility. All stops are 5/8” tall so the sit under the surface of 3/4 inch board.

I also found that the Toggle Clamp mounting plate (Item 24872) is very useful and lets you use traditional vertical toggle clams.


My first use of the table is as a sanding clamp. A simple set up of the toggle clamp and a stop locks a board to the table for sanding. Since the stops are less than ¾ inch tall, they do not interfere with normal sanding.   A spacer can be used for thinner piece.

A pair of stops can be used to establish a reference corner. In the picture below, I use a square to calibrate the corner.Once the corner is established, you can add toggle clamps mounted on the T-Track mounting plate.

After a couple days use, I have concluded I will use the t-Track table in 3 ways:

My next step is to mount casters to the table so it is mobile.


The T-Track Table Top makes a high function assembly table and jig platform. It is well made and the T-Tracks gives it great flexibility.   The Table is currently $250, but it periodically goes on sale. The premium over a shop made table top is worth it if you a lot of projects requiring jigs and/or assembly set ups.


The Rockler T-Track Table Costs sells for $250.00 here: Rockler-T-Track-Table-Top

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