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Don Halsted has been an avid weekend woodworker for over 30 years. His background in mechanical engineering drives his interest in design, building and, of course, tools. He has done coursework at the North Bennett Street School in Boston and attended lectures by masters in the field. Don has matched antique moldings, built a walk in redwood wine cellar, cradles, toy boxes, Shaker boxes & trays and numerous bookcases and cabinets. Don enjoys the entire process from project design, milling rough lumber, trying new ideas on prototypes, building jigs for “production runs” and, to a lesser degree, finishing. He like to use a combination of antique tools, hand tools and modern machine tools. He looks for well-designed and well-built tools of each type.

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Rockler T-Track Tabletop

By Don Halsted

  Rockler T-Track Tabletop (item 46654) Review The Rockler T-Track Tabletop is an excellent foundation for many woodworking and construction jigs.   I have been intrigued with the flexibility of T-Tracks and have long thought that I should be getting more use out of them.   This Tabletop from Rockler makes it easy to build those jigs.…

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Rockler ProFence 47905 Router Table

By Don Halsted

 Rockler Pro Router Table Fence 47905 Review The Rockler ProFence 47905 Router Table is a strong addition to the Rockler router table line of products. I selected the Rockler ProPhenolic Table, Rockler Aluminum Router Lift FX and the Rockler Router Table Dust Bucket a couple years ago, and was using this set up with an…

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