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DeWalt DWARA100 Impact Ready Right Angle Attachment Review

One of the most useful accessories

In the remodeling world any tool that can get you into confined spaces to fasten or cut is a huge advantage. The DeWalt DWARA100 Impact Ready Right Angle Attachment brings impact driver fastening torque to right angle adapters.

 Solid construction excellent innovation

DeWalt DWARA100 Impact Ready Right Angle Attachment

The construction  of the DeWalt DWARA100 impact ready right angle attachment is like a mini power tool.

It is essentially a ¼” hex drive shaft a small metal gear box and a bit holder.

The big innovation here is the bit holder.  A floating magnet holds the bit in place allowing for an incredibly low profile head. The bit holder accepts ¼” hex bits down to 1” in size.

With most bits you can just grab the bit and pull it out of the holder. With 1” bits you need to insert another bit or screw into the back of the head of the adapter to push the 1” bit out it’s an extra step but a small price to pay for such a short profile.

Overall Impression:


I’m a big fan of right angle attachment accessory drivers and adapters simply because they can get you into those cramped quarters to get the job done without having to compromise on the quality of work.

In the past I’d used other  right angle attachment accessory drivers with my impact driver and crossed my fingers that they wouldn’t break under the harsh beating of the huge torque generated by that tool. But no worries here! Easy to use and effective!

I’d considered spending a few hundred dollars on a dedicated right angle impact but this is a fantastic accessory that only costs about $30 and does the job without another entire tool to carry around.

This DEWALT  right angle attachment accessory drivers will pay for itself the first time you need it.

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