Ridgid JobMax Multi-Tool Starter Kit R28600

By Ethan Bickford on Tool Reviews

Ridgid JobMax Multi-Tool, Right Angle Drill and Right Angle Impact Driver

We took a look at the Ridgid JobMax Multi-Tool Starter Kit R28600, a unique milti-tool.

Power Handle

The power handle feels pretty solid, with the gear housing made of metal. I like the corded option due to my use of this tool as an infrequent problem solver for hard to reach places.

A cordless tool on a battery platform I don’t use regularly means the frustration of finding dead batteries when I need to be able to use the tool and in the case of something that supposed to solve an immediate and sometimes unforeseen problem I’d rather be able to plug it in and have it work. Ridgid also has a 12 volt, 18 volt and even a pneumatic option.

The drive gear has a rubber cover over it. They include and extra in case the existing one gets damaged or lost but I would like to see a more durable interface for this wear part.

There are four position options for the accessory heads so you can orient the heads at 90 degree increments over 360 degrees, another handy feature for getting into hard to reach places.

Overall comfort is good and the handle is not quite as girthy as that of other multi-tools. The variable speed trigger does the job comfortably and there’s a lot of over-mold rubber on the handle and on the accessory heads allowing for a multitude of hand positions. The Starter Kit includes the Multi-tool head.


I’ve used a few multitools but my own is a Fein Multimaster which is not a fair comparison given the multi-headed nature of the JobMax in that it gives you not only a multi-tool but the option of a slew of other tools in a very compact package.

Sure it’ll take you a bit longer with the Jobmax than a dedicated multi-tool but not that much longer.  The Jobmax doesn’t have some of the features like a variable speed dial or tool-less blade and accessory change but it’s a decent performer cutting fairly quickly through trim and nails without bogging down. On the up side the power handle includes an LED light. Again a nice feature for tight quarters. It also includes an adapter that allows use of nearly any blade or accessory on the market.

Kit bag

It’s small. Really only big enough to fit the Multi-tool head, power handle and a few accessories. If you’re planning on getting additional accessory heads like those below I’d recommend getting larger storage than what comes with the multi-tool kit.

So many options!

The Ridgid JobMax Multi-Tool Starter Kit R28600 is really only the start of the JobMax system as there are a lot of optional heads. In addition to what’s reviewed here available heads include, ratchet, auto-hammer, jig saw, and reciprocating saw heads!

Optional Head, Right angle impact driver

There are very few of these tools on the market and this one is great for tight quarters situations with decks, cabinets, and framing. Quite high torque given the size and right angle capability.

Drives #10 3-1/2” decking screws with no problem. It even drives heavier fasteners like 4” Timberlock structural screws.

It’s not as fast as your traditional drill driver or impact driver but I’ll take a little more time using a right angle driver and getting a solid face fastened screw over toe-nailing or other awkward options in tight quarters any day.

Optional Head, ⅜” Right Angle Drill

Another very handy accessory head for the carpenter to drill small holes in tight quarters. The head is a little bulky but considering the added versatility I don’t see this being a huge problem.


  • 4 Directional Head Positions – adjustable for better access in tight spaces
  • Compact Right Angle Design
  • 3/8” Single Sleeve Chuck
  • Tool-Free Quick Connect Interface – easily attach and detach the right head for the right application


  • No load speed:  0-550 RPM
  • Torque:  120 in. lbs
  • Chuck:  3/8 inch

Overall Impression:

The Ridgid JobMax Multi-Tool Starter Kit R28600 has the usual traits of the jack-of-all-trades master-of-none. It doesn’t shine in any one area but it brings so much to the table that it’s hard to calculate it’s full value.

It gets into places other tools can’t and can do the jobs of a pile of tools in a much more compact and relatively inexpensive package.

Longevity is really my main concern. But only time will tell on that score. If you’re a homeowner, or a contractor (especially a remodeler) with limited space this is a great option as either a compact power tool kit or a tight quarters drilling, fastening and cutting kit that gives you a lot of versatility in a small package.

How Much and Where To Buy?

The Ridgid JobMax Multi-Tool is available for approximately $125.00 online here: Ridgid JobMax Multi-Tool R28600t



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