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Replacing Front Door Trim

Replacing Front Door Trim

n the photo above the entry trim is just flat casing built out to create a column look. a crown tops it off. This trim and the siding around it were rotted and in need of replacing.

The customer chose a different detail and asked us to install the dentil head and 8″ fluted column below.

They chose to but an Advanced Trim Wright pvc entry kit. There are ten different head styles and four pilaster designs to choose from. All head designs are also available with flat casings

We replaced the flat casing that the siding butts into with pvc boards and build the plinths with scrap pvc stock on site.

The new trim is difficult to see with out finish paint applied. The flat casing behind the fluted column will be painted the house body / siding color to contrast the trim color of the fluted column.

~ concord carpenter

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