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Renew Wire Shelf Covers

Renew Shelf Covering For Wire Shelves

Finally a solution for folks that have those sterile white wire shelves in their home closets.   Renew wire shelf covers offers a practical and cost effective solution to remodeling your closet shelving without having to rip out the old wire shelving.

In the residential and commercial world of remodeling we are constantly getting requests from people to tear out wire shelving and replace it with custom wood shelves – just like the old days.

The most common denominator for us seems that people do not like the spacing in the shelving.   Items fall through, often tip over and the “wire ribs” on the e shelf leave marks on sweaters and other clothing items.

Renew wire shelf covers, by John Louis Home works off of a universal design that allows the user to remodel their wire shelves themselves.  It’s a perfect DIY job and the Renew system fits all brands of wire shelving.

Wire Shelf Covers and Colors

The Renew system used solid top panels  to cover the wire shelves.  Many people prefer the look to this as well as a solid shelf helps prevent items from tipping over, fall through the wires or leaving marks on clothing.

A front rail edging attaches tot he solid shelving to cover the wire shelf edge and to finish off the shelf look making it more decorative.

Renew wire shelf covers are available in multiple color finishes to match the existing style and help you aesthetically remodel your existing shelving.

Sizes Available

Renew works with all wire shelf brands, types & meshes.   The Renew design comes in 12, 16 & 20 inch shelf depths and edge covers to fit the  most common wire shelf face heights.

The shelving also comes in  2ft., 3ft. & 4ft. lengths to help the installer custom fit different applications.   The shelf covers and edges can easily be cut to fit exact dimensions as needed.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about Renew Shelving click on this link  or call 1.800.487.6895.


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