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QMotion Revolutionizes Motorized Window Coverings with Affordable, Safe Cordless Shades


The folks at QMotion™ recently sent me their QMotion Motorized Window Shades to evaluate and install.

I first saw a version of these shades at the Build Boston trade show and thought what a fantastic idea.

QMotion Motorized Window Shades are motorized shades that are quiet, attractive and available in a wide selection of colors and textures. They are completely free of cords and wires. Affordable and easily programmed to operate in groups they can also be controlled remotely with home automation computer systems.

QMotion Motorized Window Shades offers what I feel is an unprecedented new concept in motorized window shade technology and child safety.

A Safer Shade:

If you read this site you know I write a good deal on child and family safety and safe products.  

The QMotion Motorized Window Shades eliminates the pull cord of a window blind, Roman shade or a venetian blind type window shade.   Many a child has died due to strangulation that occurs when the child neck becomes entangled in the shades pull cord.

Tragic stories like Kathleen Leeson who tragically lost her 2 year old son does not need to happen and can be prevented.  It can’t be argued that cordless shades are safer

QMotion Motorized Window Shade Technology:

QMotion Motorized Window Shades operate by housing precision steel ball bearings in each shade’s tube. The ball bearings eliminate friction and allow the shade to operate smoothly and quietly.  I was super impressed that I could not hear the motor clanking as the shade turned.

Because the ball bearings allow the shade to move so easily it also takes much less energy to operate the shade. 

Three D cell standard alkaline batteries power the QMotion shade and can last for up to five years with four uses per day.

The batteries are in tube that is discreetly housed inside the window shade tube, and are easily removed when the time comes to replace with new batteries.

Because QMotion Shades are cordless, they are safe. They are ideal for hospitals, daycare centers, schools and residential use. They are available in a variety of elegant fabrics, clean lines and modern finishes that will coordinate with any commercial or home décor.

Video Review:

Installation of the QMotion Shades:

I found the QMotion Shades super easy and straightforward to install.  No special tools are needed.

The window well where I installed my first QMotion shade was framed in 1863 and was 3/8” out of level.  While not visible to the human eye the QMotion shade was noticeably out of plumb when in the down position so I in stalled a shim at one of the QMotion shade brackets.   In the end I settled using a 3/8” nut as a shim but a series of built up washers would have worked too.

Another feature that I liked about the QMotion shades is that they are wireless.  They do not need electricity to operate which eliminates the electrician, drywall repair and painting subsequently allowing for a painless and low cost installation.

QMotion Shade Positions:

The QMotion Shades come preprogrammed and will close at four positions:  1/3, ½ and ¾ and fully closed.

The QMotion Shades are easily programmed and “learn” the three upper locations based on the closed position.  Reprogramming and customization is easy to do.

An option to preprogram the raising and lowering of shades to selected times throughout the day adds an even greater level of simplicity and helps reduce home energy consumption.

Remote Controlled:

The shades have different remotes that are available.   The single channel 5 button remote that came with my shades has a magnetic back that allows it to be stored in a specially provided wall plate.  This plate can be mounted anywhere you wish and looks similar to a light switch set up.

The remote has an up and down arrow and three buttons to open or close the shade to three pre-set positions.

Milti-channel remotes as well as customized, remote automation of QMotion Shades is available with the Home Manager ST™, aweb- based interface. This system is so advanced it can also control lights, sensors and thermostats, for total environmental home automation.

 Manual Operation: 

QMotion Shades feature a unique dual-operating function. The shades will operate with or without a wireless remote controller.

Without the remote controller the shades are adjusted by applying a short tug to the bottom bar.   The tug feature works three ways:

  1. 1.      Pull the shade down an inch and the shade will go up the next level.
  2. 2.      Pull it around two inches and it goes all the way up
  3. 3.      Pull it more than two inches and it goes into manual mode. 

QMotion Shade Fabrics:

The QMotion shades are all flame retardant, dimensionally stable and come in different colors and shades.   Basically you can categorize the shade fabrics into three categories:


Transparent fabrics allow light to pass through the weave of the fabric so that objects or images in the background remain visible.


Translucent fabrics transmit light but provide sufficient diffusion to eliminate perception of distinct images – resulting some privacy.


 Blackout fabrics are completely opaque, providing advanced light blockage and privacy. They are perfect for applications that require complete light blockage and/or privacy.

 Overall Impression of the QMotion Motorized Window Shades:

 Installing QMotion Motorized Window Shades was simple.  The best part was not having electrical wires or wall repair to contend with.  I installed the first shade in less than ten minutes.

The QMotion Shades are super quiet, look classy and easy to use. It’s a clean look and a very simple approach to automation and child safety in any household or business.

I found the remote easy to program and fun to use.  I now enjoy lowering and raining the shades! 


This review contains my opinion of a product. I take pride in providing my readers with honest and objective information as well as a practical approach to using a product. I never accept payment in exchange for a positive review. Many of the tools and products are provided to for free by a manufacturer for review.






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