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Installing Trim Around A Plastered Window Well

Simple Window Trim Dresses Up Window Opening:

Recently I was asked what I could do to dress up a basement recessed window that had no trim and was all plaster walls by installing trim around a plastered window well.  

The designer on the project wanted the window to look like the windows upstairs, which had window trim and a traditional window sill. This was an easy fix I so I suggested we add a half round molding to the plaster opening bottom to simulate a window sill and then install colonial casing  [similar trim to what is on the interior doors in that room] around the window opening.

It’s All in the Reveal

The first step was to mark my reveals around the opening.  I use 3/16″ as my reveal.  Once that was done I measured the width of the two side reveal marks, added the width of my trim multiplied times two and then added for sill nosing over hang of 3/4″ on both sides. 

[ FORMULA:  width between reveal marks + 2x Trim width + 1.5″ for sill overhang] I then used a router to rout a half round on three sides of a 4″ board, then ripped the board down to 1-1/4″ wide.  

Start With the Sill Trim

I applied this nosing to the wall below the window opening with adhesive caulk and finish nails. Next I applied trim to the two sides of the opening and then ripped the top trim on the table saw to fit tight to the crown molding.   I finished this project by adding trim under the sill  nosing to form the stool trim.  forty-five degree bevel returns to the walls finish off the trim nicely.  

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