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Holiday Bowl And Tray Kits

Nothing is more rewarding than making  something for yourself or a gift for someone else.  This holiday season you may want to consider making these cool bowls and trays. The bowls and trays are very quick and easy to make which makes them the perfect weekend woodworking project for both beginners and expert craftsmen.

Make Your Own Holiday Bowls And Trays

These template kits are available through Eagle America.  I have reviewed a few of theur jigs, my favorite was the fluted router jig.  Eagle America has a large selection of Bowls & Tray templates that cover standard, year-round holiday-themes. To makes these incredible classy gifts you will need the following tools: • 13⁄4 HP or larger plunge router with variable speed control 11⁄4” diameter bowl & tray bit ( Eagle #144-2005B or Price Cutter #P13-2504B ) • Forstner bit 11⁄2″ ( Eagle #310-2410 ) is suggested. ( Note: The inside of the bowl/tray can be bored out using just the router but it takes longer and adds to the wear/tear on the router bit. ) • Drill Press • Bandsaw, jigsaw, or scroll saw to cut outside profile • Compass • Roundover Bit for routing edges if desired • Sander and sandpaper The templates used to make the bowls and trays are constructed out of a durable 3/8″ acrylic that resists warping and distortion. To finish off the project it is recommended that you apply a natural food safe Wood Preserve Oil to safely finish your project. If you would like me to post on how to makes these and maybe give a template away leave me a comment.

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