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Dickies Work Clothes:  Allow Contractors To Achieve Professional Appearance

The term “blue collar” emerged from the working class or trade professional Dickies Work Clothes primarily wearing blue clothing to better hide the stains and smudges that accumulate during a day of working with machinery, tools, and building materials.

Although nowadays the lines between blue collar and white collar jobs are blurred, one thing about “blue collar” clothing that remains and will always be true for the men and women working in the field, in a factory, or on the job site, is the need for durable, practical, and functional work wear.

The Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, better known as Dickies, has been making quality work wear in America since 1922. The clothing options from Dickies are the definition of “blue collar”; unpretentious, practical, and affordable.Dickies Work Clothes

Here at A Concord Carpenter, I’ve had my crew field testing the Work T-Shirts, Chambray Shirt, Carpenter Jeans, and Double Knee Work Pant.  Here’s what we thought:

Work T-Shirts:

The Dickies Work T-Shirt features extra stitching, heavy weight 100% cotton material, and a utility front pocket. This isn’t your typical t-shirt; it’s comfortable yet strong. My guys loved the tag-less t-shirt but noticed the shirts run a bit large, so consider getting a size smaller than you normally would, and don’t worry, these shirts are pre-shrunk.

Chambray Shirt:

The Chambray Shirt has a professional trade look, with functional pockets, and a protective collar. The polyester/cotton blend resists stains and helps wick away moisture from sweat. In addition to the dual front pockets, the left side sports a clever slot for your pen or pencil. The shirt is comfortable but feels tight in the shoulders. We reviewed the Chambray shirt in blue, which unfortunately looks a bit like an old school prison shirt, so I’d consider trying out the grey option.

Dickies Work Clothes


Carpenter Jeans:

Dickies pants, including the Carpenter Jeans, are super comfortable and the fit is spot on. I wouldn’t hesitate to order Dickies pants online with your typical waist and inseam size. The material is a heavy weight and all the seams are reinforced with the triple stitching you expect from Dickies pants. The hammer loop and extra pockets are helpful when you don’t need a full belt, but want to carry some critical tools for a small job or are working in a tight space. The pants feel and look great!

Double Knee Work Jeans:

The Double Knee Work Jeans is by far my favorite product we reviewed for Dickies! The pants fit great and are very comfortable. More importantly I can move freely in these pants, I was crawling around and ducking under framing, all while frequently getting to my knees to get the job done. The reinforced knees are tough and the extra pockets sit away from the profile of my belt so I can access them easily.

Uniformity Matters:Dickies brand apparel

Dickies makes it easy to find the gear you need for your specific job requirements. They have three great online tools at www.dickies.com to quickly choose the work wear you need for you and your crew.

Browse by profession, so you can find what YOU need as a painter or a “remodel and repair” pro. You can also use a compare tool to determine the features and prices you want, between items like pants, shirts, bibs, and outerwear.

I personally appreciate the Uniform Builder as a fast and easy way to create a professional uniform for my crew for any type of weather or conditions. And the intangible value of a professional uniform is well worth the investment, especially with Dickies’ affordability.

Dickies Work Clothes A uniform can enhance your service by providing your customers with the comfort of knowing the stranger that showed up to their home or place of business, your crew member, clearly represents you and your business. We are often invited into clients homes and the assurance that proper badging and identifiable uniforms provide makes the experience that much better for a customer, which leads to additional work from your current customers and referrals.

Brand Recognition, Team Building!

In addition to the brand recognition you’ll enjoy by creating a unique uniform and maintaining a consistent color in your trucks, signs, and/or uniforms. Your crew can also benefit from the uniform, making them feel part of your team, and seeing an immediate benefit of choosing your company for employment.Dickies Work Clothes Dickies Work Clothes

The uniform can be a right of passage as well, having an employee complete a probationary period before they get a uniform can make the uniform a point of pride for your crew members, improving moral, improving quality of work, and enhancing your bottom line.

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