DEWALT 60V FLEXVOLT Stud Joist Drill Kit DCD460T2

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DEWALT 60V FLEXVOLT Stud Joist Drill Kit DCD460T2DEWALT 60V FLEXVOLT Stud Joist Drill Kit DCD460T2 Review

Every Electrician has to have a 1/2″ drill in their truck, there is no way around it.  We all have our favorite drills;  whether it’s a right angle drill, a Hole Hawg, or a simple heavy duty 1/2” drill.  I have always preferred using a right angle drill, especially now that the newer ones have a safety clutch on them.  When the DEWALT 60V FLEXVOLT Stud Joist Drill Kit DCD460T2 came out, I couldn’t wait to test it out and see how it stands up to its corded completion.

Designed for roughing in plumbing and electrical, we had 4 questions:

  • Can a cordless drill perform as well?
  • Will the battery last?
  • What am I giving up to go to cordless?
  • How does it compare to the Milwaukee Hole Hawg?



My first big test for DEWALT 60V FLEXVOLT Stud Joist Drill Kit DCD460T2 was on a 2500 sq. foot new construction house.  Comparing it up against the DeWalt DWD460k [corded drill], I wanted to see how the 60v cordless compared to the corded competition.  I found the cordless DCD460T2 outperformed the corded DWD460k in almost every way.

Torque and speed are very comparable giving the cordless DCD460T2 a slight advantage on an even playing field.  This test really wasn’t on an even playing field.  The corded DWD460k was  run through 200′ of extension cords and voltage drop lowered the power on the drill.  If your thinking 200′ of extension cords may be unusual, I beg to differ. I’ve been on countless job sites whether residential or commercial were there is a fight for electrical power and you may have to go through 3-4 extension cords and “3-ways,” to get to an outlet.  Not having to search for an outlet, and not having to walk around with an extension cord as you go through a house, are two more big advantages I give the DeWalt’s DCD460T2.

Obviously the corded DWD460k can run non-stop and in certain situations this can be a big advantage say for someone using the drill in a stationary position all day to mix mortar, plaster or something similar.   I don’t fit in that category though, as an electrician I’m all over the place on projects ranging from a small bathroom remodel to an entire house.  For someone like myself being able to pick up the DeWalt’s DCD460T2 and run with it.  A huge advantage for me.

DEWALT 60V FLEXVOLT Stud Joist Drill Kit DCD460T2


  • Weight: 12.9 lbs
  • Tool Height 6.83 in
  • Tool Length 16 in
  • Chuck Size 1/2″
  • Chuck Type Keyed
  • Clutch Yes
  • Clutch Type Bind Up Control
  •  2 variable speed ranges (0-300 / 0-1250 rpm) 
  • Power Tool Type Cordless
  • System 60 volt


The biggest question I had was how long would the battery last . On one battery, I was able to drill 153: 1” holes through 2×6 wall studs.  I had hoped to be able to drill more on one battery, but I would not want to sacrifice any performance to get a longer lasting battery.

For a larger project, you will definitely need two batteries.  The 60v flex volt battery is a great concept, and an added benefit is that you are able to use the 60v flex volt battery with all of your existing 20v DeWalt tools.  Before testing this drill, I was thinking it would of been nice if they stayed with the 20v platform. I never realized that I would be using a cordless drill that outperforms it’s corded brother.  I haven’t tried the DeWalt’s DCD460T2 through the winter to see how difficult it is to keep a freshly charged battery but will update this section in a few months.


The Dewalt E-Clutch has a “Perform and Protect” feature that detects reactionary torque caused by a bind-up or stall and reduces speed to a manageable level until control is regained. Personally I will never buy another heavy duty drill without a clutch.  As someone who is regularly on a ladder it is important to have a drill that won’t bind up, causing you to lose your balance.

I’d like to see a bit more control on the clutch, something similar to the DeWalt DCD996B where you can dial up or down the settings of the clutch.

Did We Answer our 4 Questions Above?

I’m pretty sure we answered all but one of the questions we opened this article with. That question, how does it compare to the Milwaukee Hole Hawg is one we get asked a lot. The “tale of the tape,” is not always as clear and we hope. In our opinion the DEWALT 60V FLEXVOLT Stud Joist Drill Kit DCD460T2 took on a little too much by trying to be a “one tool for two trades.”

While the Flexvolt is designed for the plumber and electrician, the Milwaukee Fuel Hole Hawg was purpose built for electrical rough-in work. As a result it will only drills up to  2” holes and was optimized for the electrician, most of the time they are drilling 1” or smaller holes. The Flexvolt was built with 2-speeds to accommodate larger bits for plumbers and will spin high bits such as:

  • Capacity in Steel (Hole Saw) 5 in
  • Capacity in Steel (Twist Bit) 1/2 in
  • Capacity in Wood (Auger Bit) 1-1/2 in
  • Capacity in Wood (Hole Saw) 6-1/4 in
  • Capacity in Wood (Self-Feed) 4-5/8 in
  • Capacity in Wood (Spade Bit) 1-1/2 in


The Milwaukee Hole Hawg is a high speed, lighter tool. It is 3.5 to 4 lbs lighter than the Flexvolt, depending on whether the tool was equipped with the quick change collet or metal chuck. Milwaukee has both a key-less and keyed metal chuck option. Flexvolt does not.

As far as how many holes drilled, the Flexvolt drilled 150 holes in 2×6 studs.  The Hole Hawg drilled 150 with a 4.0Ah battery and 300 holes with the new 9.0Ah battery.  When comparing cost, the Milwaukee drill sells for $249 bare tool / $449 kitted and the Flexvolt sells for $399 with one battery and $479 with two batteries.


DEWALT 60V FLEXVOLT Stud Joist Drill Kit DCD460T2 Video Review



Bottom line, it is not what you’re giving up, it is what your gaining.  The DEWALT 60V FLEXVOLT Stud Joist Drill Kit DCD460T2 gives users the convenience and freedom to move around without an extension cord. That’s a win in our book!

Where To Buy

The Flexvolt is listed for $479 here: DEWALT-DCD460T1-Battery-FLEXVOLT-Joist

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