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Dewalt 6 Foot Step Ladder DXL3810-06

DeWalt  500 Pound Capacity, 6 foot Heavy Duty Fiberglass Stepladder

The folks at Dewalt recently sent me a pair of Dewalt 6 Foot Step Ladder DXL3810-06 to review.   We’ve been using these fiberglass step ladders on the job site for a few weeks now and what is most impressive is that they have a 500 pound capacity.

First Impression:

Pick one of these ladders up and you’ll feel that they’re heavier.  At 27.7 pounds these ladders are heavier than the standard step ladder I’m used to.  When you figure that they are rated Type 1AA for 500 pounds each you soon start to realize that this is one beefy, durable and safe ladder to stand on or use staging with.

We frequently need to access repairs from step ladders and often span an aluminum expandable plank across two step ladders to better access an area.  In the past this staging set up could be a bit bouncy but not with these heavy duty Dewalt step ladders.  The legs have a 42 inch spread and larger feet for stability.

Everyone on the job site commented on how much larger the steps were on these ladders.   Larger steps mean bigger  standing surface and safer staging surfaces to rest planks on.

The top includes a magnet tray, hardware tray, curved ergonomic front, drill and tool slots, paint bucket holder, and a pipe or 2×4 holder.

Another noticeable difference from the step ladders we had been using were the non marring, slip resistant extra wide foot pad on the step ladder legs.

Using The Dewalt 6 Foot Step Ladder DXL3810-06:

After a few weeks using the  heavy duty Dewalt step ladders I can even imaging going back to my flimsy fiberglass big box ladder.  These ladders are commercial grade and built to be used and abused.


The Dewalt 6 Foot Step Ladder DXL3810-06 frame has a double rivet step construction, and each step has angle bracing that are secured with six large headed, semi tubular steel rivet.  These tubular rivets have been tested to have a 30 Percent greater shear strength than solid aluminum rivets.

The ladder channel rails have a nonconductive polyester veil covering that will prevent the ladders surface from developing fiber prominence or blooming from prolonged exposure to the elements.  Heavy duty inside spreader braces that are pinch resistant and extra thick spreader braces located inside of fiberglass rails help protect braces from getting hooked or abused in transit.


Overall Impression:

I could find no fault in these step ladders.  My only suggestion is that Dewalt should consider putting steps on both sides of the ladder.   Doing so would allow  better usage, versatility and access to areas as well as staging planks.

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