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You know how much I like fuel-powered cordless nailers; I use them all the time now. They are fast and easy to set up – just load in fuel, battery and nails and you’re good to go.  No need to lug in and set up a compressor.

I also know that like all of my tools, keeping these nailers clean and well-maintained will keep them running and out of a service center.

So, in the interest of cordless nailer maintenance, I did two things.  First, I read the section in the manual about proper maintenance. They have some good, common sense tips in there.  And I asked the manufacturer, in this case Paslode, if there were any other tips I could offer my readers. So here’s how you make sure your cordless nailer is always operating at peak performance.

Maintaining Your Paslode Cordless Nailers:

First, keeping a cordless nailer clean and well-maintained means it is less likely to jam or malfunction. Constant jams will wear a tool out prematurely and you’ll be at your service center more often than you like.

So I do what the manual says. I keep to a routine before I go to the job site, when I’m on the job site, and when I’m back at my home workshop.

Before I use the nailer, I pull the tool out of its case and do a visual inspection, cleaning it of any dust or oil, tightening any loose screws and checking for any damaged parts. If there is any damage, I schedule it for a visit to my authorized service center.

Before I leave the work site I remove the battery and store it in the tool case. I always use the tool case to transport and store the tool; that way, everything I need — battery, fuel and charger — are with the nailer.  And by keeping it in the case, I protect the tool and have less worry about dirt getting into the nailer.

I also get rid of all empty fuel cartridges, remembering to dispose of them where they will not be found by children, crushed, punctured, or burned.

Take the time to wipe down the tool with a clean, soft cloth, and remove and clean the air filter every two days. Yes, these tools have little combustion engines, just like your car.  And, just like your car, it has an air filter that you should clean every two days if you are using it on a daily basis at a job site. It is easy to inspect the air filter on these tools and the manual says soap and water restores the filter to “like new” condition.

Tool Cleaning and Oiling

Periodic cleaning and oiling are necessary to keep fuel-powered cordless nailers operating properly. When the tool needs to be cleaned and lubricated depends on the tool and I always go by the manufacturer’s recommendation.

For example, the Paslode Cordless Framing Nailer (CF325 or new CF325Li with lithium ion battery) needs to be cleaned and oiled at least every 50,000 cycles. Of course, if I’m in some really dirty job site conditions, I’m probably going to do it sooner.

The Paslode Tune Up Kit (purchased separately) comes with cleaning instructions and a chart that helps me determine how often the tool should be cleaned.

The cleaning instructions are easy to understand and the Tune Up Kit also includes a degreaser cleaner, specially formulated tool oil, an air filter, fuel stem adapter, spark plug and cylinder head O-ring.

I haven’t had to clean my nailer yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to share how it went. In the meantime, if you ever need help with your nailer, all of the major manufacturers offer experts you can contact by email address or a toll free number, so you can always get help from your tool company.


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