New Bosch 1/2″Drill/Driver and Hammer Drill/Driver Lineup

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New Bosch 1/2"Drill/Driver and Hammer Drill/Driver LineupBosch 18V EC Brushless 1/2″ Drill/Driver DDS183 and Hammer Drill/Driver HDS183

The Bosch DDS183 18V 1/2″ Drill/Driver and HDS183 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver both offer the same set of specifications, minus a few differing features.

They both come with Bosch’s Kick-Back Control Technology and the following specifications:

  • short head length
  • keyless single sleeve metal chucks
  • precision clutch
  • 2 Speed Transmission
  • 20+1 Clutch Position
  • Trigger Activated LED
  • EC Brushless Motors

Just a bit of a mouth full, however a lot of technology packed into a slim package.

I’ve used Bosch’s HDS 182-01 Model for some time now, so when I was given the opportunity to take a close look at their newer models, I had to jump.  I have been a big fan of my current Hammer Drill and would be lying if I said I didn’t want to see the new improvements that Bosch’s team of Tech Guru’s could blow my mind with.

First Impression

To the untrained eye, you may not see much, but for me, differences were apparent right out of the box.  Two things stood out, the added amount of rubber gripping and the metal chuck.  Upon further review of their appearances, the design of the light has also been modified, given more maximizing direct light to the work location.

Also new is the the 20+1 Clutch option and the Drill/Screw/Hammer Functions, both located in a single location on the shaft. This is an improvement over its predecessor with the 18+1 and having the Drill/Screw/Hammer functions in separated locations.

These tools have EC brushless motors that will provide these tools with longer tool life, greater runtime and less maintainence. They also both have heavy duty, all ,eval chucks for better gripping power and torque transfer.

New Bosch 1/2"Drill/Driver and Hammer Drill/Driver Lineup


Then down to the fine motor skills!

The kick back control technology works amazing well for bind up situations.  /An integrated acceleration sensor virtually stops the drills rotation during bit bind-up situation, reducing possible injury. The precision clutch reduces wear and tear on not only the gears but the bits you may use.

I didn’t notice this at first, but the tools have an overall shorter head length allowing you to get into to tighter locations.

Less Weight

What is even more fascinating is how Bosch has taken the same drill HDS 182 and HDS 183, and reduced it’s weight by almost half a pound (3.75 lbs. down to 3.3 lbs.) without sacrificing features or power.

Some of you may say it’s only half a pound, well, you’ll see the difference in the tools when you hold them.  They slimmed down this tool, especially on the grip for more comfort in your hand, and to me, half a pound has made the difference. All this without sacrificing power!

New Bosch 1/2"Drill/Driver and Hammer Drill/Driver Lineup


Considering you get 531 in-lb. of torque, 900 rpm and 600 rpm 2 speed transmission:

  • 0-1,900 RPM
  • 0-600 RPM
  • HDS 183 with 28,500 bpm

I was able to utilize both drills on a few regular tasks, as well as a few not so common tasks.

First the DDS 183, anyone who knows anything about installing cabinets, know that adjusting the doors are a pain with micro adjustments, and leveling.

While putting a door on a lazy Susan, I was having difficulty getting into a good position and figure this may be a good place to test out the DDS183.

Contorting your body in such a way, in such a tight place a 5 year old would work better, the DDS 183 provided me the ability to make micro adjustments with the twist of the clutch control. The direct/maximized lighting worked amazingly well at illuminating my dark work space.

Let’s just say, my clients are happy with their new cabinet fixture!

My second task involved an unmovable 6 foot tall electronics cabinet. My task required me to mount an 8” x 8” and 4” x 4” electrical box behind it, on a cinderblock wall.

There I was, standing on a 6 foot ladder, leaning over a significantly sized cabinet attempting to reach the wall to mount the boxes.  The Bosch HDS 183 provided the comfort in grip and weight to drill with somewhat ease through the cinderblocks, with little to no pressure from me.  In 5 minutes time I had both boxes fully mounted and the HDS 183 provided the ability to finish the task in a short period of time.


I would recommend adding a magnet for small tasks that have small screws, or possibly making a compartment within the drill handle to hold bits.  I’ve also found that with prolonged use, that the bit holder does eventually fail in holding the bits you wish to carry on your tool. so maybe a better clamping system for this holder.


Reasonably priced, the HDS 183-01 kit comes in at approximately $217.00 and the DDS 183-01 kit at $199.00.

Both kits come with a canvas styled carry bag, BC 660 Charger, and two, 18 Volt 4.0 Ah Li-on Batteries.

Overall Impression

Both tools are compact, rugged and performed well!


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