Bessey General Purpose Clamp Kit

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Bessey General Purpose Clamp Kit on the ACC Job-Site

Every good woodworker and carpenter will tell you, you can NEVER have enough clamps. So when it comes to buying new clamps or more clamps or extra clamps, it’s not a question of “if” but “when”. So whenever you decide to add to your collection, or even better if you are starting a collection, take a good look at Bessey’s 10-piece general purpose clamp kit.

The Bessey General Purpose Clamp Kit (10 pc) Includes A selection of top selling multi purpose clamps:

  • (2) TGJ2.506 (6 In Malleable Cast)
  • (2) TG4.008 (8 In Malleable Cast)
  • (2) LM2.004 (4 In Zinc die cast)
  • (2) 0.75 In pipe clamps
  • (2) 2 In spring clamps


Out of the Box

Bessey Clamps are the industry standard when it comes to woodworking and job-site clamps, so it’s no surprise that these clamps look, feel, and operate like top quality equipment. These clamps are made in Germany, which almost speaks for its self, and construction includes cast-iron jaws, cold drawn-steel rails, nickel plated steel, and non-marring surfaces.

In addition to the quality construction of these clamps is the value the Bessey General Purpose Clamp Kit (10 pc) provides the consumer. Pricing these items out separately really gives you an idea of the value your getting with this kit. Although, like many retail outlets whether online or brick and mortar this set can REALLY be a value if your lucky and get these clamps on sale.

Bessey General Purpose Clamp Kit 6


For me, clamps need to be easy to adjust, resist slipping, and hold up on the job-site. The latter is almost a given with Bessey products since as I mentioned previously, they are constructed with quality materials and methods without cutting corners.

The 6 and 8 inch bar clamps that come in the Bessey General Purpose Clamp Kit (10 pc) are great for sandwiching LVLs for structural beams. After we straighten one LVL for say a triple beam we’ll clamp the rest of the LVLs to the straight beam before we fasten them together.

Holding and setting a clamp up on a ladder upside down can be challenging enough, if your clamp slips and doesn’t hold, it can really slow you down. These clamps are a breeze to work with and hold tight the first time you set them.

Bessey General Purpose Clamp Kit 1

The two spring clamps that come with the set are such a great bonus, you can use these things for almost ANYTHING. And these bad boys hold tight, with an unforgiving cinch and rubber grips that hold well without marring sensitive surfaces. We use these to get cords and hoses out of our way or hold down tarps. The uses are endless and I’m confident the Bessey performance will meet any challenge you present them with.

Finally, I really like the 4 inch mini bar clamp for various shop applications, whether you want to hold down a jig, sacrificial fence, or even a permanent machine set up these clamps hold tight adjust quickly and ultimately make my life easier in the shop.

Overall Impression

I’m almost always happy with Bessey products and Bessey General Purpose Clamp Kit (10 pc) is definitely a carpenter pleaser. Between the flexibility of the kit, value, and durability of the kit I have no complaints. This is a great kit to get started on your clamp collection, as you know you CAN’T have too many clamps and makes a great gift for carpenters and woodworkers.

If you’re skeptical about Bessey I’d try this set out, you’ll be regretting all those cheap clamps you purchased in the past, and soon enough you’ll be a Bessey believer like us here at a Concord Carpenter.

Bessey General Purpose Clamp Kit (10 pc) is ACC approved!

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