20V Max LINKED System Porter Cable Drill PCC601 and Driver PCC641 Review

By Phil Benevides on Tool Reviews

Porter Cable Drill/Driver on the new 20V Max LiNKED System

Porter Cable, well known for it’s woodworking tools, is redefining itself as the Professional’s personal tool line. Whether you’re a mechanic, electrician, or plumber you know you’re way around tools and you’ve learned a thing or two from your carpenter brethren.

The Porter Cable 20V Max LiNKED System is perfect for the tradesman or women who wants quality tools to for home improvement projects. In this 20V Max LiNKED System Porter Cable Drill PCC601 and Driver PCC641 Review you’ll read why we recommend this system for the “professional” DIYer.

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Out of the Box

The PCC601 and PCC641 actually come with a deep zippered bag with plenty of room for the tool, charger, accessories, and bits. But regardless, “out of the box” the Porter Cable tools remind me of legos. Don’t get me wrong I think they’re cool looking and honestly I think the folks at Porter Cable made them look a bit toy like because to the working professional our tools are our toys.


The drill is pretty standard, 2-speeds, 22 clutch settings, and LED light. What I don’t like is the length of the motor, but surprisingly the balance of the tool is great. The interesting thing between the drill and the driver is the on board bit storage.

The driver has a magnet on the top of the motor of the tool while the drill has a clip on the base of the battery slide. Although it would seem redundant I’d love to see the bit clip on the driver as well, giving you the ability to hold 3 bits on the driver at once.

The driver also has a quick change chuck that is a nice touch on this tool. The need to switch bits easily and quickly is really a pro feature that makes a big difference on a driver because you don’t have fight removing bits and can quickly jump to a new bit without thinking twice about it.

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I used these drills to install cabinets, which required me to use both drill and driver in sequence. The drills performed well, the balance of the tool was helpful keeping me from nicking or denting the cabinets.

I wasn’t doing any heavy duty driving during install but had to drive some 3 inch screws into some 2 x 4 packers. The screws melted through the material and made fastening super quick.

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Overall Impression

These drills are quality tools, the 20V Max system ran for an entire work day, if I was working on a more demanding job I would have appreciated a battery gauge to let me know when I needed to charge up or switch to a fresh battery. Additionally, these drills are a bit too bulky if you’re using them for hours a day. The size and weight of the drills are my biggest complaint, but they still get the job done.

The price and capability these tools provide make the 20V Max LiNKED System, including the Porter Cable Drill PCC601 and Driver PCC641, a perfect choice for “professional” homeowner’s and the serious DIYer.

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