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Wood Rot

Dry Rot

Dry rot can be a big problem in a house.

Interior wood rot is usually caused by high moisture, running water, poor ventilation and bad maintenance, or a combination of these conditions. The speed of decay will depend on the moisture content.

Wood and wood products that have been exposed to continual moisture break down in composition, requiring replacement due to structural damage.  Mold is usually always present with dry rot. Mold growing in the rotted materials can lead to health problems.

Wood rot mainly occurs in the bathroom due to the water in the room. If you notice wood rot in your house it’s extremely important to repair the cause as quickly as possible.

Beyond health and safety hazards, the cost of replacing interior walls, flooring and sub-flooring due to wood rot is significant. Even though many homes are renovated over a period of years, if wood rot damage is present and goes unnoticed, costs for repair and reconditioning almost double.

These few steps can save you time in your repairs:

  1. The first step is to find out what caused the rot and address that. Was it a leaking fixture or faulty shower curtain?
  2. Wood rot in bathrooms can usually be found in the floor near a fixture that can leak such as under the tub, tile, or toilet area.
  3. After locating the rot, remove all of the wood that is rotted and repair.
  4. Seal all seams.
  5. Close monitoring the home for leaks, moisture damage, high humidity, and noticing odd smells in the home can head off many issues. Routine inspections of the attic, crawl spaces and basement, where most plumbing is evident, leads to a safer healthier home.


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