SKIL 360 Quick Select Is The Perfect Father’s Day Gift!

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SKIL 360 Quick SelectSKIL 2356-01 360 Quick Select 4-Volt Max 1.5Ah Lithium-Ion Screwdriver

Years ago when you needed a screwdriver you pretty much could bet money you were going to need a slotted head screwdriver or maybe a Phillips head screwdriver.

Nowadays we see slotted, Phillips, PoxiDriv, Torx, Square drive and many, many more.

Manufacturers today use so many different fastener heads and sometimes even combine different fastener heads on their products.

It gets confusing and annoying when you intend to repair something and realize that you need to go back to the tool box or to the store and get a different driver.

Well it seems that the folks at SKIL Tools have it figured out.   They recently sent me their SKIL 360 Quick Select Cordless Screwdriver to review and evaluate.The SKIL 360 Quick Select

This driver has twelve [12] of the most common fastener bits conveniently stowed on-board so no more running back and forth to the tool box for a different driver.

First Impression:

When I first picked up the SKIL 360 Quick Select I was amazed at how  light, compact and comfortable it was in my hands.

I was also thinking that this 4 volt max tool would be outstanding in tight and awkward fastening applications and that there was NO WAY that this driver was going to be able to drive screws – BOY was I wrong!

The SKIL 360 Quick Select provides you with twelve [12] of the most commonly-used integrated bits and instantly allows the user to quickly select the proper fastener bit by simply twisting the built in bit holder cartridge.

An LED light illuminates the magnified fastener bit window to allow the user to quickly and conveniently select a bit.  A battery level indicator also indicates whether the tool is driving forward or reverse, a nice function for the DIYer.ISKIL 360 Quick Select

The SKIL 360 Quick-Select is powered by a built-in, 4-Volt Max Lithium-Ion, 1.5Ah cell battery that is advertised to stay charged for up to 18 months.  A built in battery fuel gauge illuminates green when the battery is charged and red when it needs to be recharged.   The shelf life of this tools battery is a huge plus for DIY-ers or homeowners who have occasional fastening needs and want to be able to reach into a drawer, pull out the SKIL 360 Quick-Select and use it without worrying about a having to charge a dead battery.

The SKIL 360 Quick Select′s wall charger plug has a Micro USB tip which is the same size as a standard cell phone charger plug.  It also comes with a USB charging cord but I have to admit I did not test it.  I’ve personally had USB plugs burn out after charging similar items and was not going to take a chance testing this one.  While innovative I feel the USB option is a novelty and the fact that you can use a cell phone charger to fuel up this tool is a huge plus in of itself.  Just think the same charger for your cell phone and your SKIL 360 Quick Select

SKIL 360 Quick Select Cordless Screwdriver Features:SKIL 360 Quick Select

  • Fully Integrated Bit Management: 12-bit magazine with an illuminated bit window for bit selection
  • USB Charging: Supports universal charging with computers, cell phones, and car chargers for total flexibility
  • 4-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 1.5Ah cell with the ability of holding a charge for up to 18-months
  • SITE-LIGHT LED work light facilitates use in dimly lit areas
  • Battery Level Indicator: Shows when battery is in need of a charge

Using The SKIL 360 Quick Select Cordless Screwdriver:

I found the SKIL 360 Quick Select super easy to use and operate and my aging eyesight especially appreciated the back lit, magnifying window to select the proper fastener.SKIL 360 Quick Select

I used the SKIL 360 Quick Select for all sorts of fastening applications from removing and installing light plates, installing and tighten kitchen cabinet knobs and to drive twenty-five 1-1/4″ decking screws into 3/4 CDC plywood.  I was super amazed at the torque on this tool and especially its ability to drive the screws.

I also liked that I was able to lock the tool in order to obtain additional torque tightening or loosing a screw if needed,  the battery life is impressive and is still going, but will need a charge soon.

Overall Impression:

I’m a tough critic on gimmicky tools and I honestly thought the SKIL 360 Quick-Select was going to be a novelty tool.  The SKIL 360 Quick Select proved to me that it is a real contender and a worthy DIY tool.  I would recommend this tool to anyone who was looking for a reliable driver that they can use all the time or let it sit idle and use it occasionally, knowing that the battery will have juice!SKIL 360 Quick Select

The SKIL 360 Quick Select is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the occasional DIY-er.    Dad can keep it in a drawer at home, throw in a tool box and use daily or bring to work and throw in your desk for those occasional fastening applications at work.

How Much And Where To Buy:

The SKIL 360 Quick Select is the perfect Father’s Day gift and sells online for $49.00 here: 2356-01-Quick-Select-4-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Screwdriver
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