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Setting Up Your Work Shop

Table saw safety

Setting Up A Work Shop or Designing A Wood Shop:

Setting up your work shop or wood shop can be fun and daunting at the same time.  There are so many factors to consider as well as steps to take  to ensure that your new wood shop suits your needs.

Layout Tools For Work Flow

When setting up your work shop, lay out your tools so that you can work easily and safely.  To use a table saw, joiner or planer, for example, you need a minimum space of 18 feet and 10 feet wide in order to be able to push a full sheet of plywood through.

Space Considerations

One consideration is how you will plane or join material.  For example; An out feed and extension table for a table saw should be at the exact height of the table saw to operate effectively but what about joiners and planers?

Well, if your shop is small like mine you may want to place machines on wheels so you can use and store them against a wall for most applications and roll them out in to the main floor for longer boards.   The problem to consider is will your long boards hit anything in the room?

Consider this when setting up tools on rollers.  Make sure that the tool is at the exact height or higher than adjacent tools and tables.  See photo right.

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